By: Dani

Every once in a while we all just need to learn some new beauty tips. Thankfully, Margot Robbie has us covered. It may have just been announced that the actress will not only star in the new Harley Quinn spinoff but she will also be producing it, but let’s focus on this amazing video that was just released by Vogue.

In the video, Robbie is acting out the classic scene from American Psycho made famous by Christian Bale. And it is quite entertaining. The film star discusses everything in her beauty regimen from moisturizing to working on the 6-pack of abs she was born with. There is also a shower scene, which I am sure makes a lot of fans very happy.

If you need a quick laugh to break up your Thursday, watch the video. It’s less than 3 minutes and it will bring a smile to your face! Happy Thursday!

What do you think about the video? Are you excited to see Margot Robbie take off the way she has lately?

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