Sister Geeks Interact! And Harley Quinn Gets a Movie.

Ever wonder what it’s like when Sister Geeks communicate? Here’s a sneak peek:

On Monday, Ana got the news first and shared a link with the group… Turns out Harley Quinn is getting her own film. And this is the conversation that followed:

Screenshot (1).png

Jen P: Girl Power!!

T. Mack: gif1

T. Mack: gif2

T. Mack: gif4

T. Mack: ^^^All of that. I’m totally feeling all of that. And then reality crashes in and I remember that DC is making the movie and they are the same people who made BvS and must now spend millions to fix Suicide Squad because they screwed it up. *Sigh*

T. Mack: gif6

T. Mack: gif7

T. Mack: gif5

T. Mack: And that’s my emotional roller coaster for today… at least until the Castle series finale begins.

Jen P: Hahahaha. That was perfect.

Ana: Lol. I [heart] you ladies. You crack me up.

And that’s how the Sister Geeks discussed news of a Harley Quinn movie. What do you think of this news? Do you think that T. Mack overreacted or reacted perfectly? Did you love or not love BvS? Are you still holding out hope that Suicide Squad will be great? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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