Book Review… ROGUE TOUCH

By Jen P

rogue touch.jpg

Rogue Touch, by Christine Woodward is one of those stories you either love or hate. For those expecting a tale heavy on X-Men and that version of Rogue, the scale leans toward hate. For those wanting a complicated, and dare I say, haunting, love story, the scale leans toward love.


On the run after putting her boyfriend in a coma, Anna Marie lives a miserable existence. No job, surviving off food stamps, and oh yeah… she can’t touch anyone because she’ll suck out their life force. Not only that, but someone is watching her—someone who’s just as alone as she is.

When James finally confronts Anna Marie, he doesn’t know how to talk to her. This is not his world, he doesn’t understand what appropriate conversation is and what isn’t—like offering her a huge wad of cash to help her with her financial situation. He’s on the run too, from a dangerous and powerful family. Together, they flee across the country. He tells her his real name is “Touch” and deems her “Rogue”, and during the adrenaline surges of being chased, they fall in love.

When they’re attacked by seemingly alien technology, Rogue suspects Touch isn’t telling her everything. He’s too knowledgeable, he’s too secretive, and their pursuers don’t seem to be after him so much as her. Is Touch an alien sent to kidnap Rogue? And if so, why? It’s too late for Rogue’s lonely heart not to love him; but does he feel the same way, or has he been up to something sinister all along?

What I liked:

Are you kidding me? The love story, of course! I don’t know where this writer came from or where she is now, but I NEED to know what else she’s written. So much tension. So much mystery. And so much, bittersweet heartache. I’m not a huge Rogue fan (don’t kill me for this, but I really only know the Anna Paquin version), so the non-X-Men storyline didn’t bother me.

The slow build from inaction to action? The will he or won’t he be evil? Insights into character motivations and secret revelations every few pages? I live for those stories.

The scenery. This book traverses America with a lot of the action happening out West. The author truly captures the beauty of our country. AMUUURICAH!

What I disliked:

It took me a good chapter to get into this book. Starting with a down-on-her-luck girl who can never touch anybody was a total downer. But as soon as she met Touch, the combination of heat and fast-paced action kept me glued. After my initial delay, this was a one-night read.

As stated above, this wasn’t a problem for me, but no other X-Men characters in this story will be an issue for some readers. The problem I had, was that it’s a stand-alone novel and we won’t get any more of this story. Plus, where the heck would it fit in the Marvel universe without any other X-Men?

*Spoiler* Isn’t she supposed to end up with Gambit? I disliked the unnecessary (albeit microscopic) hope this tale gives for a future with Touch, when that’s not a real possibility.

Final words:

If you’re not a huge Rogue fan, but you like bittersweet love stories, pick this one up. If you love Rogue, and get pissed off when backstories aren’t followed to a T, don’t come near this book.

Have you read Rogue Touch? Do you want to now, or will you avoid it like Rogue’s deadly touch? Let us know in the comments.

Later, Geeks!

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