By: Dani

*Warning! This post contains information that can be spoilerish. Read at your own risk!*

Eek! I love when I get to share new details about the upcoming Harry Potter spinoff, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I have shared several posts so far laying out all the important info. And now I have more to share. The Daily Mail revealed the 4 houses in the American version of Hogwarts, Ilvermorny! This is pretty big news because it gives a lot of insight into the school and it’s students. According to the Daily Mail, this information was discovered by pure accident by a software engineer looking around in pages of code for the Pottermore website.

While looking through some javascript for a quiz being made for the website, the engineer, Federico Ian Cervantez, learned not only the names of the four houses but also a short description of each. In the code of the quiz, he found the question: ‘Where do you belong? Horned Serpent, Wampus, Thunderbird or Pukwudgie…’

According to the Daily Mail, the following are the descriptions associated with each of the houses.

The Horned Serpent is described as ‘dragon-like serpents with horns and long teeth. They are often associated with or said to control the weather, particularly rain, lightning, and thunder. Magical abilities ascribed to them include shape-shifting, invisibility, and hypnotic powers’.

The Wampus is a cat-like creature ‘described as some kind of fearsome variation of a cougar’.

The Thunderbird is a legendary creature ‘often described as a very large bird, capable of generating storms and thunder as it flies’.

While the most curious of all is the Pukwudgie: ‘two-to-three-feet tall and human-shaped, but with a larger nose, ears, and fingers and smooth, grey skin that sometimes glows. Its magical abilities include disappearing and reappearing, partial or complete transformation into a porcupine or cougar, and creating fire’.

It is unclear how the students are sorted into the different houses. No mention of a Sorting Hat here, but we can definitely assume Rowling will make it entertaining.

I studied the description of each House for a while trying to compare them to the Houses of Hogwarts. I do see some similarities, which I think J.K. Rowling is intending for fans to see. But I do not think they will end up being very close in nature to originals. Certain character traits are universal, but I really think Rowling will strive to make sure there are very clear differences. Culturally, this school will be different than Hogwarts and I believe the Houses will reflect these cultural differences.

Cervantez posted the information to a post on Reddit, which blew up..duh! Although this information is being taken at face value as true, I would caution all fans from becoming too invested in it. None of this has been confirmed by Rowling yet, which is really the only way to know for sure if something in the Harry Potter universe is legit. So for now, take it all with a grain of salt until we hear the words from Jo herself. Who knows? This information may be 100% accurate but this leak could cause Rowling to completely re-do it all to keep it top-secret.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hits theaters and all secrets shall be revealed on November 18, 2016.

What do you think of the new Houses? Which Harry Potter character would you sort into which House? See any similarities between the two sets of Houses?

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