Eye Candy: 10 TV Stars We Love to Crush On

by: Ana eye candy

They’re not just pretty…the below actors and actresses have stepped forward and shown us their acting moves.  Still, they could be selling bathroom cleaner and we would probably all still wipe the drool from our chins.

Join me as we stare off blankly into space, try to remember our own names, and pretend that some day we’ll meet so-and-so at a Hollywood party and take them off in to the sunset.  That’s right, I really did say that…

. picture 2 candy

  1. Janet Montgomery: She plays Mary Sibley on the TV show Salem.  Although Mary was supposedly a good girl once upon a time, she would sell her own mother down the river if it meant getting what she wanted.  Mary never stops trying to be in control and as a result, those closest to her often suffer.  Janet Montgomery succeeds in playing a character we are both disgusted by and entranced by.

Picture 1 candy

2. Matt Barr: Most fans of the show Sleepy Hollow have had a love/hate relationship with Hawley.  His character is not currently on the show, however, he is still (SPOILER ALERT) guarding over the Headless Horseman, so I’m convinced he’ll return when we least expect it.  Matt Barr played Hawley as an “Indiana Jones” type character who was a bad boy trying to be good.  I personally liked him and wanted to see him end up with Abbie.

picture 5 candy

3. Morris Chestnut: You may recognize Morris most recently as Dr. Rosewood on the T.V. show Rosewood, however I most fondly remember him from ABC’s short lived series V as Ryan.  Morris brings confidence, intelligence, and a natural charisma to any role he plays.

picture 4 candy

4. Kerry Washington: The show Scandal made her a household name.  She is one of those people that I have to think to myself “Okay does she look in the mirror everyday and think, yep, I’m beautiful..” Her character Olivia, on the show, has even been compared to Greek mythology’s Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships.  Yet Olivia, or should I say Kerry Washington, is not just a pretty face.  Her talent for powerful monologues and down in the dirt crying scenes has all left us gripping our wine glasses just a little bit tighter.

picture 9 candy

5. Charlie Cox: Charlie plays Matt Murdock on Netflix’s Daredevil.  Although the actor was already handsome to begin with, Charlie Cox has brought an inexplicable small boy charm to a larger than life role.  He succeeds in presenting us with a character that we truly believe is learning lessons in the midst of a world of chaos.


6. Laura Vandervoort: Forget the fact that she has an unbelievably toned body, Laura’s fighting moves are nothing to bat an eyelash at either.  Her knack for bringing a sweetness yet toughness to the role of Elena on Bitten is remarkable.  We want Elena to get everything she wants, but we know that the odds are stacked unfairly against her.

picture 7 candy

7.David Walton: David Walton has guest starred several times on New Girl as Jess’s ex-boyfriend Sam and I completely love him in this role.  In one episode he karate chops Nick (played by Jake Johnson) in the throat.  In another episode, he intently sings Selena Gomez’s “Can’t Keep My Hand to Myself” as he runs his manly truck through a car wash.  His talent for keeping a straight face while delivering ridiculous lines with infallible seriousness all while being tall, dark, and handsome, makes me say “Keep bringin’ it”.

picture 6 candy

8. Jennifer Lopez: Do I really need to explain who this person is?  Jennifer Lopez, also affectionately nicknamed J-Lo or Jenny From the Block, has concurred TV, movies, and music over the past years.  She has most recently returned to television in the role of detective Harlee Santos in Shades of Blue.  Her seductive, yet “lost girl” attitude has us wondering what will happen next.picture 3 candy

9. Max Riemelt: Max is a fairly new crush.  The character Wolfgang that he plays on Sense8 is one that is a guy’s guy (he launches a missile at one point) yet sensitive enough to make the ladies swoon.  He reminds me a little bit of Josh Holloway who played Sawyer on Lost.  I’m excited to see what this actor will continue to bring to this role.picture 10 candy

1o: Krysten Ritter: If Max Riemelt is a guy’s guy then I would say Krysten Ritter is a girl’s girl.  Here is a girl that looks as delicate as a flower, but would have no trouble playing in the mud with the big boys if she had to.  Krysten likes to play girls who know how to grab life by the horns, and even if some of her characters have fallen as a result, here’s hoping that in her most recent role as Jessica Jones, she’ll always get up.

Did you find this list as crush worthy as we did?  Give us your thoughts!  Who should we add and why?  Anyone you felt like shouldn’t be on the list?

Hey Geeks, may there be a gooey chocolate center in your Wednesday this week!…Yeah…whatever the hell that means…Ha.  =)

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