10 Reasons We Love… SPACE JAM!

By Jen P

space jam 1

In light of the news that Space Jam 2 has been greenlit to star Lebron James, it’s time to dust off the old VHS and rewatch one of the classics: Space Jam!

1. Michael Jordan

space jam jordan

Michael Jordan makes his big screen debut, poking fun at the controversy surrounding his career, in which he quit basketball to play baseball and totally stank at it. Space Jam was a genius career move in my opinion, getting little children all over the world to fall in love with him again (and some for the first time, like me, who’d never cared about him until this movie). In the real world, Jordan returned to basketball to the joy of children and adults alike. He’s a terrible actor, btw, but who cares, the movie has Bugs Bunny.

space jam jordan gif

2. Looney Tunes

space jam looney tunes

In the 90’s, what kid didn’t love the Looney Tunes? And who was the best? Bugs Bunny, of course! Space Jam got it right centering a story around Michael Jordan and the clever gray bunny that every kid secretly wished they could hang out with.

3. The Monstars

space jam monstars

When precious little aliens suck the powers out of NBA all stars, they become a combination of the two. Mon-stars, if you will. Silly? Definitely. Awesome? Heck yeah. In my childhood, there were no cooler villains than the Monstars.

space jam monstars gif

4. Lola Bunny

space jam lola

Um… what can I say about Lola. I’m pretty sure she was my first girl-crush, pre Jessica Alba in Dark Angel, but Lola Bunny was from an innocent time… kinda. Look at those boobies! What the heck were those cartoonists thinking?

space jam lola gif.gif

5. Spitshine!

space jam spitshine

If only real-life cleaning were that easy…

6. Feel good redemption

space jam redemption

Who doesn’t love a good comeback story? Work hard, be rewarded. Cheat, and you lose. Good, clear morals for the kiddos.

space jam victory

7. The secret stuff

space jam secret stuff

The secret stuff was just water, but when the team got low, they needed something to boost morale. This stuff works better than RedBull, but I don’t think we had those yet…

8. So many real-life ballers

space jam ballers

The Monstars had to get their powers from somewhere, so what did they do? They used a magic ball to steal the skills of some of the NBA’s hottest players at the time: Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues, Larry Johnson, and Shawn Bradley

space jam ballers gif.gif

One of the funniest scenes in the film is watching them try to play basketball while their powers are gone. Terrible. Just terrible. (the acting, I mean) But it’s a lot of fun.

9. Bill Murray

space jam bill murray gif

They had to get some “real” actors in the film somehow, so Bill Murray follows Jordan down the rabbit hole (golf hole) to the world of the Looney Tunes. Having no basketball skills whatsoever, he achieves more than he thought he could on the court, living his dream of just being able to play one time. Awww. Happy. Yay!

10. That soundtrack.

Nobody can help singing along with Seal’s Fly Like an Eagle or R. Kelly’s I Believe I Can Fly. And that theme song?

Every body get up, it’s time to slam now,

We got a real jam goin’ down,

Welcome to the Space Jam,

It’s your chance, do your dance, at the Space Jam!



And on that note, I shall take my leave.

What do you think? Will you go see Space Jam 2? How do you feel about Lebron taking center stage in this new version? Let us know in the comments.

Later, Geeks!

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