Ten 1980’s-90’s Movies You Should Watch in Your Lifetime

by: Ana

I know what you’re thinking-she must be an 80’s baby.  First of all…hush your mouth, and second of all, yeah you’re right…Still, they don’t make movies like they used to.  Let me share with you some movies that I loved as a kid and why you might like them too.  Instead of photos, I’ve attached clips or trailers from each movie.  Enjoy!

bill and ted

  1. Never Ending Story– A giant flying dragon that looks like a puppy dog, rock creatures, a boy adjusting to a new school, and the powers to wish for anything you want-why wouldn’t you like this movie? The special effects and makeup are also pretty impressive for this time period.  I watched this movie with my young son just the other day and his eyes were practically glued to the screen.  Plus, bonus, the theme song gets stuck in your head.


  1. Weird Science– Not everyone knows this movie, but Anthony Michael Hall played one of the main characters. You also may not know that they made a TV show in the 90’s based on the movie.  (If you are familiar with the TV show, you may also recall the cartoon show Duck Man and USA network’s Up All Night starring Gilbert Godfrey and “Rhonda”.)  The premise of Weird Science was that two nerdy teenage boys are tired of being dateless on a Friday night and decide to build their own computer girlfriend.  The girlfriend, which they call Lisa, takes them on all kinds of adventures and teaches them to stand up for themselves. The movie also starred Bill Pullman as a “bully” type brother.
  1. Strictly Ballroom-If you like the movie Dirty Dancing or the current TV series Dancing With the Stars, then you will like this movie. It takes place in Australia, and is about a veteran male ballroom dancer who is forced to take a girl who has never danced in her life under his wing.  It’s entertaining and fun.
  1. Campfire Tales-If you remember the Urban Legend franchise, then this may be up your alley. The movie begins with a group of teenagers stranded by a road in the dark who decide to entertain themselves while they wait for someone to rescue them.  The group tell each other scary stories to pass the time.  This used to be one of my favorite movies to rent when I was in college.  I loved it so much that I “recorded” it onto a VHS.  In the collection of stories are some urban tales you may remember from childhood such as “The Killer with the Hook Arm”, “I Told You Not to Turn on The Light”, and some tales you won’t know.
  1. Stephen King’s Firestarter-I think there was a re-make of this movie in the 2000’s, but the original I’m referencing is the 1984 version. In the movie, a man becomes a voluntary test subject for a scientific experiment along with his future wife.  The man develops mind control powers and later on he and his wife have a child who can manifest fire when she becomes upset.  When the military learns of the child’s powers, they seek to use it for their own benefit.  The father desperately does all he can to protect his daughter and the two of them find themselves on the run.
  1. Night at the Roxbury-this movie helped propel Will Ferrell into super stardom. In it, he and his brother who are rich, are forced by their father to strike out on their own.  Along the way, they realize all they really want is to dance their moves in nightclubs and never grow up.
  1. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure-Ladies and gentleman, I not only was a huge fan of this movie, but I also had the soundtrack-which I can still sing songs from-and sported The Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure book cover. This movie is about two California dudes who must make an “A” on their last book report of the year in order to pass their history class. Luckily for them, their future selves visit them and instruct them to time travel in a phone booth to find historical figures who will speak in their presentation.  They locate Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, and Napoleon among others.
  1. Mortal Kombat-A group of extremely good mortal martial arts fighters find themselves placed in a supernatural world where they must represent the human race by fighting super natural creatures to the death. I used to love this movie too.  It made me feel like I could kick butt although I had never learned a single martial arts move in my life.  Who could forget the line “Finish him!”
  1. Young Guns-a group of infamous Western outlaws find themselves hunted by bounty hunters. Soon, their friends and family become targets, and they must decide if they’ll fight their way out or surrender.
  1. Empire Records-a group of teenagers(ish) work in a record store which is in danger of being shut down. They try to help their boss to save the store, but find themselves in all kinds of trouble when one of the young workers gambles all of their money away.  On top of the store possibly being shut down, the group also has to face their own problems of self-esteem issues, drug problems, and secret love.


Hope you giggled at this look back!  If you haven’t seen some of these films and like the descriptions, feel free to check them out!  Or share which of these are some of your favs and why 😉

5 thoughts on “Ten 1980’s-90’s Movies You Should Watch in Your Lifetime

  1. I always wanted to go work at a record store because of Empire Records. I was hoping it would be as amazing as the movie. Great list! Love how you threw in some lesser known, but still super awesome 80s and 90s movies.


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