Geek Chic: Kingdom Hearts Swag

By Jen P

Since I’m on a Kingdom Hearts kick right now, see here and here, I kept with the theme for this week’s Geek Chic. Because who doesn’t need a little Disney anime in their lives?

Here’s one for the book lovers:

Geek chic kh

Get these Heartless Bookmarks here from Etsy shop, JapaneseNote.

How about a light to set the mood:

You’ve got two options. The first is by LividLamps, and you can get it here. The smaller is by BurntPixels, and you can get it here.

Or some wall art:

geek chic kh 3

Get this adorable wooden plaque here, by PaopuART.

Since I love my throw pillows, I couldn’t resist this one:

geek chic kh 1

NoCapesStore sells it here. Their shop is FULL of geeky goodies.

And for those who want something cute to wear, this Halloweentown hoodie is too cute to pass up:

geek chic kh 2

Find it here, by SixOnClothing.

What do you think of this KH collection? Will you buy any of the items? Let us know in the comments!

Later, Geeks!


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