Sense8: A Show That Delivers on Characters Tangled in Emotion and Supernatural/Sci-Fi

by: Ana

Sense8 is a show that has so far run one season on Netflix (yes I checked and it is renewed for season 2).  It is a series that explores the lives of eight strangers who find themselves somehow connected through a mental link.  This is a show that a friend recommended to me, but that I did not see a lot of acclaim for online-and I have to say-I wonder why not?! sense8 promotional poster

sense8 pic 1

This show is so great.  I can’t verbalize how disappointed I was when I reached the end of binge watching the first season and realized that season 2 hasn’t been released yet.  I believe that fans of the original Heroes and Lost will love this show.  Not only are the characters well rounded and each engrossed in their own story lines, but the way the actors play off of each other is also great to watch.  For instance, a Mexican film action actor named Lito learns to face his fears and fix his mistakes from a Berlin Locksmith, Wolfgang, who is involved in a family mob type business.  A bus driver, Capheus, in Nairobi desperately attempts to get illegal medicine for his mother who is dying of AIDs and gets embroiled in gang wars.  He is afraid on his own, but gains courage when a woman, Sun, involved in an underground boxing world takes over his body and teaches him her fighting skills.Sense8 Pic 2

Sense8 pic 3Sense8 pic 4

That is all just a small snippet of what this show has to offer.  There are also controversial topics that the show powers through such as AIDs, religion, arranged marriages, modernism, nudity and sexuality, and violence.   No one on the show is a victim since each character has their own strength to contribute.  You may also recognize faces in some of the episodes.  For instance, Naveen Andrews who played beloved character Sayid on Lost plays a character named Jonas on this show.  Jonas tries to enlighten the group of eight strangers which he calls “a cluster” on what their connection is and how they must hide it from a scientific group who would only seek to destroy them.  Darryl Hannah, who you may recognize from the hit movie series Kill Bill plays Angelica, a mother figure who activates this cluster in order to save their kind.

Sense8 pic 5

Sense8 pic 6

I don’t want to give away too much about each of the characters since I believe it will take away from their story lines on the show, but I will share with you some things that I found riveting.  One of my favorite characters, for instance, is Wolfgang, the Locksmith in Berlin.  His father would steal jewels from safes.  We don’t know much about Wolfgang’s past except that he is trying to overcome the legacy of his father.  His eyes are steely, like he has seen many things, and the only time he ever seems afraid is when the people he cares about are in danger.  Enter Kala, a Hindu pharmacist.  Kala is to be married to a man she does not love, but because she adores her family and feels that her fiancée is a good man, she feels that she must proceed with the marriage.

Wolfgang and Kala find themselves connected in the cluster and it is love at first sight.  The way the actors portray this emotion is spell binding.  Although they don’t announce their feelings for one another initially, the evidence is there in their expressions.  Their backgrounds are different, they are located in different parts of the world, yet their differences, as well as everyone else’s in the cluster is what gravitates them to one another.  They are curious about these strangers they don’t know and as time passes, their curiosities grow into devotion and respect.sense8-wolfgang and kala

If I had to give this show a rating, I would give it four out of five Sister Geek shields.  The show can be a little graphic at times sexually, but I think the reason it is that way is because we’re supposed to see that these people are highly tuned in to emotions and feelings-thus that would include desires.  I will be truly surprised if you don’t like the show since there is a character that everyone can feel connected to.  My hope is that Season 2 delivers as strongly as Season 1 did!

4 SG Shields

Just in case you’ve never heard of the show and you’re curious, here is a trailer.  If you have seen the show, give us your thoughts!  Do you have a favorite character?  What do you like or dislike about Sense8?


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