10 Reasons We Love… TRON: LEGACY

By Jen P

tron 7

My love of Tron began when I played Kingdom Hearts 2 for the first time. Neon lights, crazy outfits, and a machine hell bent on human destruction? Gimme!

tron disney.jpg

But then I watched the 80’s movie. I went out and bought it on VHS for crying out loud, expecting my mind to be blown, and in a way, it was– by how FREAKING weird the movie was.  For us watching it now, for the first time, the graphics are “meh”, the plot is confusing as hell, and it’s just plain weird. Let’s just say, it has to grow on you.

Then, I heard Disney was releasing a sequel to the odd, techno movie of the past, and a funny thing happened: I fell in love with the franchise all over again. So here, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten reasons I love Tron: Legacy in order of AWESOME,  to NEON PEGASUS RIDING INTO THE RAINBOW UNIVERSE AWESOME.

This one goes out to all the haters.

10. I want that hair…

tron 4

…and that body, and that perfect pout. In other words, this movie gave me a huge lady crush on Olivia Wilde.

tron quorra.gif

Isn’t she just gorgeous?

9. Flynn Lives!



Jeff Bridges returns in his role as Kevin Flynn, having lived inside the Grid for the past twenty years. Not only is Flynn back, but is techno-twin CLU returns as well.

tron flynn and clu.png

It’s an interesting reunion.

8. Tron is back too

tron alan


Can I just be honest, hot nerds really do something to me. Put a bowtie and glasses on a guy with a halfway decent bod, and I have to fan my face. Add some actual intelligence to that mix, and I lose my freakin’ mind. Back in the 80’s Alan Bradley, aka Tron, was that hot nerd.

tron alan 2

And he’s still got it. So much so, I had a chance to meet Bruce Boxleitner at Pensacon, and couldn’t bring myself to do it (pink cheeks and all that).

7. The Grid got an upgrade

Tron 2

This story makes a hell of a lot more sense than the first movie. We have the technology! We can build a better Tron! Oh wait, that’s The Six-Million Dollar Man, isn’t it? Wrong decade. Oops!

tron gif 2

I’m still holding out hope for a sequel, though the idea was quashed officially last year. See T. Mack’s article on the subject.

tron old wtf

Seriously though, WTF was up with those helmets?

6. Light Races have returned

tron 10

The gladitorial games of the grid are crazier than ever before, so make sure nobody finds out you’re a UUUUUUSEEERRR!!

tron gif 4

5. Sam Flynn, you beautiful boy

tron 6


As cute as Jeff Bridges was as Kevin Flynn…

tron old cuties

… you knew his son would have to be alright, but the casting department went above and beyond when they hired Garrett Hedlund to play the part.

tron sam.gif

Not only is he nice to look at, he’s got the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard and he’s a fantastic actor. For the romantics among us, check him out in Country Strong, but be prepared, it’s a heavy film about addiction.

4. Who’s that guy?

tron 11

Cillian Murphy makes a cameo as the son of Tron’s original antagonist, Edward Dillinger. I’m surprised they let him work at ENCOM after what Dillinger Senior did though.

tron gif 9

But then again, look at him. I’d probably give him a chance too.

3.  Castor and Gem

tron castor and gem

She’s gorgeous, he’s crazy, what’s not to love?

tron gif 1

Seriously though, Michael Sheen is at his nuttiest as Castor, the program who runs the End of Line club in the Grid. He’s funny, flamboyant, mysterious, and always escorted by the tragically underused Gem (Beau Garrett).

tron gif 7

2. So much neon, I could die!

tron 8

Can I just move to the grid? Somebody tell me how to get there, and I’m never coming back (more on that next). This place is effing beautiful. And look, they even have their own Disney World!

tron gif 5

Just kidding, but apparently there’s a tron ride in Tomorrowland at Shanghai Disneyland, so… who’s coming with me?

tron gif 10

And here it comes, that NEON PEGASUS I was telling you about,

neon pegasus

my favorite part about Tron: Legacy…

1. Daft Punk

tron daft punk

Daft Punk supplies the soundtrack for the entire film, creating an electronic atmosphere both inside and out of the grid. This world is one I never want to leave, and most of that is due to the sick beats of French electronica duo, Daft Punk. Here’s one of my favorite tracks, and also one of my favorite scenes from the film:

And yeah, that’s actually Daft Punk in the DJ Booth.

I’ve been listening to these guys for a lot longer than this film’s been out though, and so have many others. Check out this remix by Pentatonix, featuring Tron: Legacy inspired costumes and some sick-a** beats from Daft Punk over the years.

Are you a Tron: Legacy fan? Liked the original better? Love it? hate it? Tell us in the comments.

Later, Geeks!


3 thoughts on “10 Reasons We Love… TRON: LEGACY

  1. I agree!! I love the first Tron, (have to, I was born in ‘76, Lol) but I just resonated with Legacy much more, I really love the movie and I bought the soundtrack by daft punk on iTunes as well!! Great article 🙂


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