by T. Mack


It’s all over the net today. ABC has announced that Stana Katic and Tamala Jones will not return for season 9 of Castle (if the show even manages to get a ninth season). And the hearts of Caskett shippers everywhere are breaking.

Deadline broke the news online today that Stana Katic and Tamala Jones have not been asked to return for the ninth season of Castle “for budgetary reasons.” Technically, the show hasn’t actually gotten the green light for next season yet. Producers have explained that they shot two different endings for season 8’s finale, airing May 16th: one for if the show gets renewed, one for if it doesn’t. Now, all the fans waiting with baited breath to find out if their beloved show will return have been hit with the news that even if it does, it will not be the same show it has been for the last eight years.

The foundation of the show from the beginning has been the relationship between Nathan Fillion’s Richard Castle and Katic’s Katherine Beckett. The show is about the two of them working together and fans are now wondering what it will be about with one of them gone.


The news has surprised more than just fans, however. Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever, who play Beckett’s partners, Javier Espisito and Kevin Ryan, took to Twitter to express their distress at the news, which they discovered online today just like everyone else. Katic and Jones are not being forthcoming regarding any additional reasons for their abrupt dismissal.

ryan n espo

The truth is, the mystery, intrigue, and appeal of the show has been dropping for the last few years. The ratings prove it. The show almost didn’t get this current season due to poor ratings last year. And the situation only got worse this season. As a result, word on the street is that even if the series gets the renewal, the 9th season will most likely be ordered as only a 13-episode season to finish off the show.


As an enthusiastic fan of this series for years, I have to say that I am NOT looking forward to a version of this show where half its heart has been torn away. Especially if the only purpose it serves is to drag out the show’s inevitable death. My personal vote is for studio execs to pull the plug and let the show go with some dignity. Air the final finale ending on May 16th and call the time of death. Trust me, I don’t feel good saying that. I totally understand that the show employs something like 400 people and all those people will need to find new work. But subjecting us fans to a poor excuse for an ending to this wonderful show only for them to have to find new work in 6 months anyway doesn’t seem right, either. Remember season 9 of Scrubs? No one wants that to happen again.

beckett tears.jpg

What do you think? With Beckett’s exit from the show, should Castle try to continue without her? If it does, what do you think we can expect from future episodes? Take to the comments and share your thoughts.

For more details, head over to Deadline for the original story or Entertainment Weekly to read cast reactions to the news.


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