7 Reasons Why We Love Sam Witwer

by: Ana

For those of you who may not know who Sam Witwer is, let us enlighten you.  He has played several science fiction and horror roles, which already makes us love him, but he also embraces the “geeky” in his real life as well.  Here are some reasons why we “heart” Sam Witwer. 159253163IA029_The_Paley_Ce

  1. He played Davis Bloome, the alter ego of Doomsday in CW’s Smallville.


Sam Witwer can’t help it, his devilish grin gives him away as a bad guy.  Even though initially, we think of Davis Bloome as a helpful paramedic on Smallville, we soon come to realize that he is a (SPOILER ALERT!!!) serial killer.  It isn’t long before chaos erupts and super villain “Doomsday” emerges on the scene.



  1. He was in a Stephen King movie.


This Sister Geek has always been a Stephen King fan.  His art for story telling never ceases to amaze me, so years down the road when I realized that Sam Witwer was the one who had played Private Wayne Jessup in the movie The Mist, I was thrilled.  Sam was great at playing a soldier who tried to be nice, but knew about secrets hidden from the rest of the town.

Image 4

  1. He was in the very first episode of Walking Dead.


Sam didn’t have a speaking role in Walking Dead, although he did have some nice choice zombie words for Rick.  His cameo performance was a reunion of sorts with Frank Darabont who had directed The Mist.


  1. He played tortured vampire Aiden in the American version of Being Human. Although I had noticed Sam Witwer’s acting chops in previous roles, Being Human is the show that really made me pay attention. His knack for playing the bad boy that wanted desperately to be good was fun to watch.  His serious and brooding nature drew viewers to the TV screen.

Image 5

  1. He has done voice overs for animated DC movies as well as for Star Wars video games.


  1. Sam Witwer plays role playing games. Sam is known to be a fan of Star Wars: The Role Playing Game.

7. According to the internet, Sam Witwer has been cast as the role of “Jacob” in ABC’s Once Upon a Time in 2016.  It doesn’t say what episode he’ll be in or how big the role will be, but I’m curious to watch!


Don’t be surprised if you see Sam at a CON event sometime soon! 😉  Sister Geek Jen P. had the pleasure of meeting him!


Curious about Sam Witwer’s acting abilities?  I’ve got a couple of clips below.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why We Love Sam Witwer

    • Admittedly Smallville was not his greatest. You can definitely see the potential he has when he’s on Being Human though. He takes himself less seriously by that point, which I think helps actors in the long run.


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