Geek News: Gilmore Girls Update

by Jennifer


Finally, the cavalcade of casting news has trickled to a slow drip-drip-drip of news from Stars Hollow. Recently tours of the Warner Brothers Studio lot have yielded some images that have aroused speculation amongst the fandom, including a few props that seemed to be for a wedding, though whose wedding that might be is up for debate (Luke & Lorelai perhaps?).  A recent Entertainment Weekly article plus those ubiquitous set pictures (shared on a variety of social media networks, including the Instagram account @gilmoregirlsonly) left little tantalizing breadcrumbs for clues, but still no good solid knowledge about the plots of the four new episodes, their release date, or, heck, certainty that this might be the last we see of Gilmore Girls. lukelorelai

YES! Superb Casting News!

For months, and I mean MONTHS, since the Netflix revival was announced, questions surrounding whether or not Melissa McCarthy was returning to Stars Hollow have been tweeted at McCarthy herself and even had reached the ears of Amy Sherman-Palladino. The going wisdom was that ASP hadn’t asked McCarthy, arguably the highest profile GG alum, because of how busy the actress has been since she left Stars Hollow. McCarthy expressed a desire to return to Gilmore Girls for the revival, but, once it was clear that she wanted to come back, it seemed too late for her to return, with The Boss about to come out and the Ghostbusters reboot on its way this summer in addition to McCarthy’s duties on Mike & Molly (which came to a sad and quick end this spring). It looked like Jackson Douglas, who plays Jackson Belleville, Sookie’s husband, would be returning sans wife. That is, until this past week, when McCarthy appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show to say this:

Huzzahs broke out across social media immediately after she shared the good news. No word on how large her part will be or what episodes she will appear in, but the mere fact that she will be present in Stars Hollow in some form is good news for all Gilmore Girls fans. Other previous cast members added to the fray include Rini Bell (Lulu), Chris Eigeman (Jason Stiles), and Gil (Sebastian Bach). All confirmed cast members are pictured below in an image courtesy of the Instagram account @gilmoregirlsonly.

What Do We Know, Yo?

What do we know about the four ninety-minute episodes that make up the Gilmore Girls revival? Luke and Lorelai are together – thank goodness – but still engaged, not married. Rory has had limited success as a journalist and seems to be living a more nomadic experience. Emily Gilmore is dealing with widowhood; Edward Herrman, who played patriarch Richard Gilmore, passed away in late 2014, so it was inevitable that matriarch Emily would be embroiled in the aftermath of her husband’s death.


The Stars Hollow townies are back and appear to be putting on Stars Hollow: The Musical, which may account for Sutton Foster’s presence in town.


Paris and Doyle also return and a still of Rory in what appears to be a Chilton classroom as well as a photo of Liza Weil and Alexis Bledel with Headmaster Charleston (Dakin Matthews) seems to imply that Chilton plays a role here as well.


Hep Alien returns in total with the addition of Sebastian Bach and it seems that the Life and Death Brigade will make some sort of appearance since Colin, Finn, Logan, and Robert all have confirmed their appearances in these new episodes.

Whew! That’s quite a bit of news to go on for now as we await a premiere date for these new episodes and the possibility of even more new episodes after that. The Palladinos seem open to more Gilmore Girls and, as Graham has noted, those infamous last four words don’t seem to be as definitive a close to the series as one might expect, but instead leave the door open to more of Lorelai and Rory and their friends. What a dream come true that would be, right?

Stay tuned to Sister Geeks for more Gilmore Girls revival news. Hopefully, you will continue to follow where we lead…

What do you think Rory is doing at Chilton? Why do you think Luke and Lorelai still haven’t tied the knot? Why the heck is Jason Stiles returning? Who do you think is getting married in Stars Hollow?

One thought on “Geek News: Gilmore Girls Update

  1. My answers: Rory’s at Chilton Asa guest speaker, or even a professor like her grandfather was. I think they didn’t get married because they are happy, and they don’t need that piece of paper to be happy. And Lorelai wants to have her mom bean active part of her wedding. Jason Stiles is probably back to help Emily with Richard’s estate. The Wesson could be Lorelai’s… Or Kirk and Lulu. There are a few choices. That’s my opinion again.


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