By Jen P


In case you didn’t know, today’s the day, geeks! You can now watch TFA in your homes! So in honor of this holiday among the light-saber wielding, bun wearing, yoda-heads, here’s some fun to help us celebrate:

Star Wars Release Day Lightsabers

Make your own mini lightsabers HERE. (or just use duct tape and glow sticks)

Star Wars Release Day Cupcakes

You need food. It’s a long movie. So why not try these Leia Cupcakes from Babble? You can find the recipe HERE along with more fun ideas like pretzel stick lightsabers and Chewbacca sock puppets.

Star Wars Release Day X Wing Origami

How about a fun Origami X-Wing Fighter? Find the steps HERE.

Star Wars Release Day BB8 Coloring Page

It doesn’t get any simpler to have fun than this BB8 coloring page. Find the printable HERE.

*Spoilers* Star Wars Drinking Game:

Word of advice: Pick a couple of these to do, not all. Or skip the shots altogether for hefty chugs of whatever you’re drinking– beer, wine… water. You’ll thank me later.

1. Take a shot every time Finn eyes Rey longingly.

2. Another shot when she puts him in the friend zone.

3. Double shot when Rey kicks ass.

4. Pour one out when you first see Han.

5. Pour one out again when… I can’t even say it 😥

6. Shot when BB8 meets R2D2.

7. Shot when stuff blows up.

8. Chug your drink when Kylo starts to look hot.


Now go out and buy your copy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens before all the stores sell out! Have fun, Geeks!

Have something to add to our drinking game? A craft you’ve tried? Pinterest fails or horror stories? Comment below! We’d love to hear about it.

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