Geek News! Leaked Audio File Hints at Negan’s Next Victim (Contains Spoilers)

by: Ana

The final episode of this season’s The Walking Dead aired on Sunday, leaving fans everywhere howling in despair as we all wondered-who the hell did Negan hit with “Lucille”?Negan

However, a recent audio clip just released on the internet reveals who Negan’s victim might be.  Fans have speculated that the show might follow the comic books and have it be Glenn.  If this clip is to be believed, that may very well be true.  However, other people are speculating if the clip is real?  Or could AMC just want us all to believe that Glenn’s luck has finally run out?

I, for one, never even suspected that it might be Glenn.  I thought that either Abraham, Eugene, or Morgan might be on the chopping block.  Abraham seems to have reached full character development, Eugene provided Rick with the bullet recipe, and Morgan doesn’t want to kill people anymore which leads me to believe that he is an easy target to kill.

Still, there are some moments that could have foreshadowed Glenn’s demise.  Maggie tells Rick that she trusts him and Rick tells Maggie they’re going to make it because they’ve all been there since the beginning-Carl tells Rick that he’s not going to ever let anyone hurt people in their group again.  Let’s also not forget that Glenn is the moral compass of the group right now-and pretty much anyone who has been a moral compass has bit the dust-Dale, Hershel, and Beth are some other examples.

The other school of thought on this audio file is that maybe the victim is Maggie.  It would make sense-Maggie is after all pretty sick and Negan might think it wise to pick off the weakest one.  However, in the audio file it sounds like Maggie might be yelling and she wouldn’t be yelling if she was being hit in the head.Maggie and Glenn

Give us your opinion-do you think the audio file is for real?  If it is, do you think t Glenn is the next one to be killed or is AMC trying to trick us?

Here is a link to the audio file:


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