Rivals, Relationships, and Paternal Figures in “Daredevil”

by: Ana

Any viewer will tell you that the key ingredient to a good TV show is character interaction.  If there’s no electricity between the characters, then we don’t care what happens to them.  Luckily for us, Netflix and Marvel have brought together a group of actors that we want to keep watching.  In this article, I’ll delve into what interactions are most interesting to watch.Daredevil-Season-2-Trio-Poster

  1. Fisk and Matt Murdock. What I like about these two characters is not just that they are enemies, but that they are so completely different from one another.  Fisk, although he does feel the two emotions of anger and love, does not feel pity or sadness like Matt does.  Fisk is usually disgusted by those who are below him-and to him, EVERYONE is below him.  Matt on the other hand, fights for the underdog and feels grief at the suffering of others.Wilson-Fisk-Matt-Murdock 1

2. Stick and Matt Murdock. Matt first encounters Stick after he loses his father, so it’s no surprise that Stick represents a paternal figure to him.  Stick teaches him how to take care of himself-a skill that Matt perfects from childhood to adulthood.  However, it isn’t long before Matt realizes that Stick sees him more as a pupil than a son.  Stick knows how to protect his body, but he doesn’t seem to know how to use his heart.Marvel's_Daredevil_Season_1_7 2

3. Karen and Frank aka The Punisher. TMack thinks I’m crazy for wishing Karen and Frank would be together, but there is a certain understanding between these two characters that can’t be denied.  Frank has become a machine, but his terminator like behavior stems from the loss of his family.  Karen sees that.  She seeks to bring out his compassionate side.  Karen to Frank represents innocence and redemption.  He thinks she is naïve for having faith in him, yet he yearns for her respect.  I know that most people would probably prefer that Karen and Matt be together, but I actually don’t like that coupling.  I know Karen can be strong when she wants to be, but I don’t think she could handle the dark side of Matt’s secret life.  Think about it, the one time she encountered evil (when she was attacked) she almost folded.  The only thing that kept her from caving in was Matt and Foggy’s promise to protect her.   Although Matt likes to protect other people, I don’t believe he wants a RELATIONSHIP with someone he feels he needs to protect.  He needs a woman that isn’t afraid to smash things right alongside him.daredevil-season-2_0 3

4. Elektra and Matt Murdock. In my opinion, Elektra represents the one figure in Matt’s life who he loves who also loves him back.  Matt intentionally looks for those who are hardened emotionally outside.  He seeks to win them over and takes for granted those who provide him with unconditional love (like Foggy and Karen).FinalSceneMattElektra 4

5. Matt and Frank. These two could be two different sides to the same card.  Although both want justice for those who have been wronged, the way they choose to seek that justice is drastically different.  Matt refuses to kill, while Frank won’t hesitate for a minute.  Matt believes that the world isn’t just black and white, while Frank judges a man completely by his actions, no matter how regretful a man might be for his actions.


daredevil-season-2-punisher 5

Marvel’s Daredevil

The above relationships might not be surprising to you, but here are two that I would like to see happen:

6. Matt and his mother. I think this relationship has been left vague intentionally.  Whether Matt’s mother is alive or not, I want to see how they relate to one another in scenes.  I also would be curious to see who they would cast as his mother.  Now that Daredevil has had some success, the show could definitely afford to cast a bigger known name.  Perhaps an older actress who has been in the super hero arena before?

7. Matt and Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is a raunchy super hero who sees the world through dark glasses.  How would she get along with Matt who is practically a boy scout?  I could see these two balancing each other out when fighting side by side.


Give us your opinions!  What character interactions do you like and why?  Who would you like to see interact?

5 thoughts on “Rivals, Relationships, and Paternal Figures in “Daredevil”

  1. If it helps, I’m not a Karen and Matt fan either. As much as I love Matt Murdock, I think that guy needs to be alone right now. He’s doing far too much heartbreaking damage these days. Great article, Ana!


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