by T. Mack

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This week brought some intriguing new movie trailers. And I’ve collected them right here for you. 


Ewan McGregor as Jesus during his time alone in the desert… A Savior preparing for his ultimate sacrifice, being tempted by Satan to give up his task. While not entirely Biblical, this film draws from and builds an untold story from Jesus’s time in the desert. To me, this movie looks beautiful and intriguing. I look forward to seeing it in theaters later this year.


This movie is supposed to be based on a true story, which to me means it couldn’t be further from the truth if it had been completely made up. But that doesn’t really matter anyway. The film looks like it’s a blend of a Wallstreet money movie, a Middle East war movie, and a buddy comedy. Could be interesting. Could be crap. Looks like it might be worth finding out.


Hahahahaha!!! Yeah. I’m looking forward to this one. Check out more details on this here, including the stellar voice talent line-up.


If you like a good period piece and/or adore Jane Austen, here’s one for you. Based on an unpublished story written by the author when she was 14 years old, this tale makes fun of the romances of the time. If I see this one, it will mostly be for the purpose of staring at Kate Beckinsale for two hours. Other than that, I’m in no hurry to rush off to a theater and sit through it. That being said, though, it does look kind of funny in that satirical way Austen works tend to be amusing.


Ryan Gosling + Russell Crowe + the 70’s + L.A. + violence and mayhem = probably a REALLY good time. This move looks like it’s going to be nuts… and also quite hilarious. While I may not rush to the theater opening weekend to see this one, I do plan on checking it out at some point.


Another one inspired by true events, this is one of those everyday hero films (think A Perfect Storm or The Finest Hours). I’m going to be honest. I tend not to watch these films. I prefer movies that take me out of real life instead of the ones that plunge me into it. This trailer jumps between a family with a cute little girl who loves her daddy to said daddy in danger on the job. I feel pretty certain we all know what to expect from that. If it’s your thing, you might want to check it out.


If you like Bridget Jones, here’s another one for you. If you’re like me and you find her more irritating than funny, this is another one to pass on.

Do any of these strike you as good bets for a good time? Which ones send you screaming in the other direction? Let me know in the comments. 




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