“Devil-ish” Thoughts from a Sister Geek

by: Ana

Although I haven’t finished watching Season 2 of Daredevil yet, I thought I should still write something since the Season Premiere was just a few days ago-so here are some random things that I’ve noticed so far…

Daredevil Poster

1) The Season Premiere coincided with St. Patrick’s Day weekend. I don’t think it was a coincidence.  Think about it-Daredevil has several religious undertones.  Matt Murdock often turns to a priest for guidance, not to mention that the opening sequence of the show began in a church.  Also, Easter will be this upcoming weekend.  Plus one of the focuses this season was on an obliteration of an Irish gang.

Pic 1

2) Actor Charlie Cox looks like he has beefed up for this role. Although Matt (Charlie) was in shape before, I wonder if he waited until the show was renewed for Season 2 before getting into “Super Hero” shape.  His muscles are noticeably bulkier and his torso is more defined.

Pic 2

3) Did actor Jon Bernthal modify his walk for The Punisher role? At first, I thought Jon’s walk was the same walk he used in The Walking Dead as Shane.  As Shane, his walk was very confident and a side to side movement, but I’ve noticed in episodes of Daredevil so far that his walk is actually more of an up and down soldier like march.  If this was an intentional move on the actor’s part; it’s a pretty cool little detail.

Pic 3

4) Subtleties on the creation of “The Punisher.” I don’t consider this to be a spoiler since the promo discusses this a little bit.  Matt and Karen have had some back and forth conversations about whether the creation of Daredevil allowed other vigilantes to come forward and evoke their own brand of justice on Hell’s Kitchen.  What is interesting is that at one point Matt asks Karen if she thinks The Punisher is a good person.  She kind of dances around the answer of “no”, but you can tell there are doubts there.  I think this leaves it open for us to possibly humanize The Punisher in future episodes.  I will be really disappointed if I’m wrong.

5) Why is the humanization of The Punisher so important? You’re going to think I’m crazy, seriously, I’m imagining the comments on this, but I’m going to say it anyway.  I want Karen and The Punisher to hook up.  Here’s why…she can’t be with Matt because Matt doesn’t want to betray Foggy.  She can’t be with Foggy because quite frankly I don’t think she has feelings for him, so from a writing perspective, it makes sense that Karen would go over to the dark side.  She’s a good girl who I think is attracted to bad boys.  Just think about it-wouldn’t they be hot together????  Again, I will be disappointed if I’m wrong.

pic 4

6) Are the scenes with water symbolic of the next evolution in Daredevil’s character? So far, Matt has relied on his extra powerful hearing to get him out of tight situations, but this season he is finds himself less able to do that.  There is one scene where he is fighting The Punisher under a pipe squirting water.  I was surprised that there wasn’t more of a focus on how the water’s vibrations could help him to see The Punisher.  Could that be something we see in the future?  Will Matt focus more on using his “feeling” senses instead of relying so heavily on sound?

7) Possible Jessica Jones cameo? Truth be told, I am hoping Jessica Jones will pop up in the last episode.  If she does, I will pump my fist in the air in true geek fashion.  There are hints to such a possibility in one episode where Foggy and Matt’s police officer friend enlightens them on the fact that other heroes have stepped forward in Hell’s Kitchen and that some are great but that some are not so great.  I would love to find out which heroes he’s referencing.

Pic 5

That’s it my fellow geeks!  Those are my thoughts.  I’m sure I’m wrong with about half of these, but that’s okay because honestly, what would be fun about a show if you could figure out everything immediately?  I will of course continue to keep watching and I hope you will too.


Just to get you in the mood, I’ve taken the liberty of attaching a video of Daredevil’s opening credits.  I dare you not to hum along with the song…

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