Universal Studios Hollywood Unleashing Walking Dead

By: Ana

It’s summer time…the sun is beating down on your back.

All you want is to be entertained so you won’t think about that summer heat…but a roller coaster ride just doesn’t give you that same thrill anymore, so you decide you want to be chased, but only by that special someone…only by a flesh eating zombie.



It’s undeniable that Walking Dead has become a phenomenon.

There are the comics, TV show AND a TV show spin off, video games, memorabilia, and finally…a Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios.

Run through strangely deserted hallways, feel your heart beating as your own screams fill your ears, and experience an immediate sigh of relief when you finally make it out safe…

IF you make it out safe.

This summer 2016 become a fan of The Walking Dead in a whole new way…

Walking Dead attraction 2

Here’s a link to an article from The New Daily News for more details!

New York Daily News Walking Dead Attraction

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