Geek Chic: Indiana Jones Comic Coasters

by: Ana

Indiana Jones Coaster Set

In celebration of the news (rumor?) that there will be a new Indiana Jones movie in 2019, I thought I would post a Geek Chic in honor of “Indy”.

I found these very interesting coasters on the Etsy shop Epic Buttons that are designed with vintage Indiana Jones comic illustrations.

They’re handmade, covered in acrylic (can’t let any harm come to Indy) and the shop accepts Etsy gift cards. 

Feel free to coyly rest your glass on your coasters in front of new guests while humming “Da-da-da-dun, da-da-duh” under your breath.

You can purchase a set for $25.00-much cheaper than a crystal skull. (See what I did there?)


Indiana Jones Coaster 3Indiana Jones Coaster 3

Not a fan of Indiana Jones?  That’s okay, the seller also offers Doctor Who, Dead Pool, and My Little Pony among others.

Be sure to check out this seller called Epic Buttons on!

Here’s  a link to the coasters below!

Indiana Jones Coaster Set




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