Daryl Dixon vs. Rick Grimes

by: Ana

(Contains Spoilers on Past Seasons)

Walk 1

Yes, Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon are both good guys, but fans of The Walking Dead also see them as the two alpha males on the block. Sooo as a fan I can’t help but wonder-what would happen if they turned on each other? Who would be victorious and why?

Let’s check out their stats and hum the song “Final Countdown” as we contemplate these two in a Battle Royale type fight…


Walk 2


Daryl has a few things going for him to show that he might be a good pack leader.

  1. He is an excellent tracker-Rick wouldn’t stand a chance if Daryl really wanted to find him and hunt him down.
  2. It doesn’t matter how emotionally attached he is, Daryl will kill you if he has to. We all know how much Daryl loved his brother Merle, yet when Merle became a zombie, Daryl tearfully finished the job so that his brother wouldn’t forever be trapped in his zombie state.
  3. He is good at hand to hand combat. Sure, we’ve all seen Daryl with his trusty bow and arrow, but he is also good at using a knife (after all, you’ve got to be handy with a knife if you’re cutting off zombie ears to make necklaces or maybe squirrel necklaces to throw on the grill later-yum, yum)


Rick gunRick:


Rick is the existing leader of his group of friends, but even kings fall sometimes.

  1. Rick is an “act now think later” type of guy when he gets stuck in a bind. True, when Rick has to clear zombies away from a quarry, he’s all about strategy, but when a bully of a big doctor (nick named “Porch Dick” oh so lovingly by Chris Hardwick of Talking Dead) messes with his pretty lady, well then guns go blazing.
  2. He runs really fast. My theory? Rick ran track in high school. Think about how many scenes we have seen where Rick is running down a deserted road. Sure, we’ve seen Daryl do it too, but Rick is usually dripping sweat which to me means he’s like-The Flash super-fast or something.
  3. Rick has never been afraid to take down a rival. There was his best friend Shane, The Governor, The Termites, earlier mentioned Porch Dick, and soon it’ll be Negan.


Reasons Why Rick and Daryl Might Turn on Each Other:

  1. Daryl gets really pissed off when Rick takes the last pack of breath mints. Hey, you don’t know, maybe he was finally going to move in for a kiss with Carol.
  2. Rick gets mad when Daryl won’t let him play with his bow and arrow. Even Rick knows he’ll eventually run out of bullets. Seriously Daryl, he just wants to look at the bow, give it!!!
  3. Daryl gets mad that Rick re-named the baby Judith. What was wrong with “Little Ass Kicker”?
  4. They both get mad at each other when they realize they’ve just let a whole truck load of food sink into a lake. Seriously guys, was it really worth it to tackle Jesus? I mean, priorities guys.


And the Final Reason Why Rick and Daryl Might Turn on Each Other?


  1. I’m Rick Grimes bitch!!!



Here are some Honorable Mentions that we might like to see in a Mortal Kombat:

1. Abraham vs. Rosita: Oh what’s that? You’re not together anymore? Awwwkkkward…so instead of hugging it out, why not fight it out.

Walk 4

2. Carl vs. Baby Judith: Oh come on Carl, you used to be the cute and cuddly one and everyone kept saying “Where’d Carl go???”, but now it’s more like “Is baby Judith still alive? We haven’t seen her in like six episodes. Is she away at a spa resort for babies or something???”

walk 5


Hit the comments! Which Walking Dead allies do you dream about facing off and why?

2 thoughts on “Daryl Dixon vs. Rick Grimes

  1. Daryl is a good provider. He’s always got a string of squirrels or some road kill he just picked up. Right now, however, he is without his trusty crossbow. Hope it turns up at Negan’s place. That will make him REALLY MAD!!!


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