Geek Chic: T-Shirts Galore!

by Jennifer


This week on Geek Chic, I thought it was time to think about the warm weather coming our way and celebrate by talking T-shirts. T-shirts that celebrate all things geek, to be exact. Let’s shun the long sleeves of winter and embrace the coming sunshine with our geekiness!

Outlander “Damsels Don’t Distress” T-shirt


Of course, as the Sassenach in residence here at Sister Geeks, I can’t help reaching for an Outlander shirt first. This is one of my particular favorites, but, as an SG, we don’t distress. Ever. We kick butt first, just like Claire.

(If that shirt doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can find an adorable “Sassenach” shirt here.)

Blue Box T-shirt 


Of course, no Sister Geek wardrobe is complete without something cool and refreshing and timey-wimey on a warm spring day. Oh, look, here’s a shirt that seems to fit the bill! A “Gallifreyan-style wheat ale,” it says. Sounds yummy!

(If you happen to be looking for more things Whovian, check out these cute little Sonic Screwdriver magnets!)

Darth Vader in Primary T-shirt

Darth Vader Primary Shirt

Ah, it’s the weekend and time to relax and enjoy this amazing weather! I can’t think of anything better to chill in than a shirt with a Sith Lord on the front. What a cheery and spring-like way to declare your allegiance to the Dark Side!

Proud Husband of a Writer T-shirt


I can’t let the husband go without a t-shirt of his own. Luckily, he has this one for squiring me around whilst we’re out and about.

Luke’s Diner T-shirt


Man, I’m hungry. Where shall we eat on this lovely day? I know! The Gilmore Girls revival just gave the idea for the perfect place!


Geeky Light Switch Plates 


When you’re done in your closet, don’t forget to turn out the lights (with these awesome switch plates, of course)!

Now that I’ve taken care of your geeky sartorial needs, Happy Spring, you guys!

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