10 Reasons We Love… Stephen Amell

By Jen P

Who doesn’t love Stephen Amell? He’s so dang cute and sweet, you’d be crazy not to. But if you’re still not sold, then read on for 10 reasons to start loving him now!

1. Look at that face!!!

'Arrow' press conference at The New York Comic Con in NYC

2. He’s a great guy all around.

Stephen Amell 5

Stephen affiliates himself with many charities, including F**K Cancer, Children’s Miracle Network, and The Give Back Hollywood Foundation. He also started his own campaign, called Sinceriously.

3. If you’re not shipping Ollicity, then GTFO.

Stephen Amell 6

Are they not precious??? I can’t even.

4. He rolls around, nearly naked, with other sweaty dudes. You know… if you’re into that kinda thing…

Stephen Amell 1

Which brings me to the rest of my list…


Stephen Amell 3

Dayum, son! How you get them abs? Oh yeah, probably by doing this:

Stephen Amell 4

Surely I missed some things to love about Stephen Amell, so why don’t you leave your opinion in the comments? I’d love to hear from you!

Later, Geeks!

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