Geek Girl Seeks Comic Books for Long-Term Relationship

by Jennifer


Wanted: Sister Geek seeks fellow SGs who love comic books and want to share their recommendations for a comic book that makes me want to reread over and over. Must be consistently interesting. Great art and terrific storytelling desired. All art styles welcome. No superheroes please. Inquire below.

As a graduate student, friends introduced me to the world of comic books. I was new in Huntsville and fresh out of my undergraduate studies, ready to try new things. When your degree requires that you read stories of all kinds in a variety of genres, you learn to appreciate storytelling in all of its forms and comic books were not texts I wanted to exclude from my reading lists. Growing up where I had, there were no comic book stores and I knew no one who read comics the way that so many people I know now do. I dove in and fell in love with some great titles and then life intervened and comics fell to the wayside. Now, though, I have a problem and I’m hoping that you guys can help me solve it.


I tried to maintain this love affair with visual storytelling through the milestones of my life: finishing graduate school, getting married, and the like. Then I had kids and, by necessity, the things that I was into fell away for a while. Comic books were one of those unfortunately, and, now that my kids are older and my time has opened up a bit, I really want to get back into comics. However, the titles I was reading when I had to give it up are all done. Strangers in Paradise? Finished. Ultimate Spider-man? Done. I would have to go through my comic boxes to see what else I was reading at the times; that’s how long it’s been. My few forays into a comic book store have left me intimidated because there is so much out there. I honestly don’t even know where to start anymore.


Of course, like anyone seeking a partner for a relationship, I won’t settle for just anything. I seek good storytelling, à la Strangers in Paradise and Blue Monday; interesting art, like Spider-Man: Blue or Starman; and, yes, I’m going to play this card, something a woman would like. I’m not a superhero person, even though I own superhero books and have read superhero books. The stories in those books were good enough where they were not so dependent on the superhero aspect. My favorite books have been things like The Waiting Place, Blue Monday, Breakfast After Noon, Blankets, Persepolis, and the like. I’m not such a snob that I won’t read a book if it’s not ‘literary,’ because, honestly, who decides what that is exactly? But, as a writer with a Master’s degree in English, crap writing and crap storytelling is not going to cut it. If I’m going to spend money on it, I need to love it.

That’s where you guys come in. Flood me with your recommendations: graphic novels, current titles, whatever. I’m open to suggestions. I trust you guys with this endeavor because you all are in the know and, if you’re reading our site, you have good taste already. Hit me up in the comments with what you love and what you think I will love. I will try anything once and this is certainly one of those moments.



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