Geek News: More Gilmore Girls Reunion News, but Still No Sookie

by Jennifer


As production continues on the four new movies/episodes of Gilmore Girls, the revival continues to bring on more and more of the original cast – and one new face that is as excited to be in Stars Hollow as we are to have her there. 

New set photos continue to trickle in as cast members announce their return to the sets of Gilmore Girls at the Warner Brothers studio lot in Los Angeles. So many actors have announced their return that it’s easier to give you a list of who is returning already rather than trying to name those who’ve been added since my last article! The list of returning cast members known so far include these faces, courtesy of the Instagram account Gilmore Girls Only:



More News from Stars Hollow

Some interesting tidbits have popped up here and there recently:

  • The return of Paul Anka – Yep, the dog that played Lorelai’s canine friend Paul Anka, Sparky, is returning to the set. His return was confirmed by Lauren Graham herself this week.
  • The return of April Nardini – Cue the groans. Yep, Luke’s love child with Anna Nardini has been confirmed as returning as well. Variety confirmed her return this past week.
  • The return of Christopher – Cue more groans. Yep, Rory’s dad and Lorelai’s ex-husband will make an appearance, but no details about his role have emerged.
  • Three-quarters of Hep Alien – The only member of Lane’s band Hep Alien not returning is Sebastian Bach, former front man of Skid Row. John Cabrera and Todd Lowe, Lane’s husband, are both set to return.
  • A new face: Sutton Foster – The Broadway star starred in Amy Sherman-Palladino’s short-lived series Bunheads and is apparently a massive Gilmore Girls fan. Foster told Philadelphia magazine that “I’m going to pretty much lose my s–t being on this show. It’s a thing, and when I get to hang out with Lorelai, I’m going to freak out.” She will play a new character, but no details about that character are known at the moment.

Still No Sookie

Jackson Douglas, who played Jackson Belleville, Sookie’s husband and Stars Hollow’s favorite farmer, tweeted out this week that he had received his scripts for the reunion, but, as far as anyone knows, Melissa McCarthy, Sookie herself, is not part of the reunion. Not only is she not returning, but she revealed via Twitter that she had not been invited back. A couple of weeks have passed and still no news about her return, the only big piece still missing from the original cast of Gilmore Girls, other than Edward Herrman, who passed away in 2014.

Some Images from the Show’s Return

A couple of fun images from Instagram and Twitter have showed us some potential tidbits of information about what the new episodes will like. This image came up on Liza Weil’s Instagram account:

A photo posted by @lizaweil on

Could Paris be returning to Chilton? In what capacity? Interesting…

Another one that I got really excited about was this one:

Yay for Luke’s hat coming back!

You’ll see more Gilmore Girls reunion news as it comes here on Sister Geeks. Stay tuned for more excitement from Stars Hollow!

What do you think about the lack of Sookie in the reunion? Who else do you hope will return? What Stars Hollow news do you want to see more of?




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