by T. Mack

deadpool poster v-day

Do you love Deadpool? Did you love him before Ryan Reynolds brought him to life in the recent Twentieth Century Fox film or is your love for him new? Either way, if you have love for the Merc with the Mouth–like me–you might be inclined to show it. We geeks love to flaunt our fandoms and one of the easiest ways to do it is with a t-shirt. Of course, there are as many t-shirt designs for every fandom as there are fans. However, when I recently decided to get my hands on a shirt to show my Deadpool love, I decided to go with this little number from Etsy shop, ShirtFXonline.


I decided on this particular shirt design for three reasons:

1) It doesn’t have the character’s name. As much as I love to show off my fan love and connect with other fans, I don’t like to give too much away. I prefer shirts that have imagery that identifies the show, movie, comic or character without actually telling people who they are. If you know, let’s connect. If you don’t, the shirt isn’t for you.

2) It has a clever use of negative space. I like that this shirt is red and places the darker-dolored parts of Deadpool on the shirt in the right places so you see him but it is not simply a picture of him pasted on the shirt.

3) It’s a female t-shirt. The vast majority of t-shirts are cut for men or are “unisex,” which means they are cut for men but the manufacturer wants to make more money by selling them to women, too. Even in the correct size, these shirts fall like sacks and don’t flatter the female form. A shirt made for women, however, fits and looks better. For this reason, I’m willing to be more selective in my t-shirt options in order to have a shirt made for ladies.

deadpool shirt.jpgTo purchase this shirt, click the picture above or this link to head over to ShirtFXonline. Tell them Sister Geeks sent you.

**This is not a sponsored post. The Etsy shop did not know before my purchase that I would feature this item. They were not notified until after this article was posted that they had been featured. I did not receive a discount on the item or any other benefit. I just really like my new shirt.

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