The Walking Dead: Who Will Probably Die in Season 6 and Why

The Walking Dead: Who Will Probably Die in Season 6 and Why

By: Ana

(Contains Spoilers)


There is no doubt that the Season 6 Premiere of The Walking Dead has been one of the strongest so far. The Mid-Season Finale left us with cliff hangers involving Maggie, Glenn, Rick, and the rest of the gang, but the premiere pleasantly surprised fans by zooming in on what had happened to these characters. We received resolution, but also we were rewarded for waiting the past few months oh-so-patiently with a lot of action, some that was more “explosive” than others. See what I did there?

Although past seasons definitely kept us feeling invested and somewhat emotionally twisted over the fates of our favorites, the premiere had us jumping out of our seats and pacing the floors back and forth until the commercials ended. So now that the first episode has aired, let’s talk about what we’ve seen. Let’s start with the one main thing I think we can all agree on. Thank goodness Sam got off-ed. I know, I know, it’s not very politically correct to say, but I challenge one person to say that kid did not get on their nerves.


Still, maybe we should look at it from a different angle. Could this mean that the child actor who played him is really good at his job??? Other actors to consider: Malfoy in Harry Potter (played by Jason Isaacs) and Prince Joffrey in Game of Thrones (played by Jack Gleeson). I think the writers knew it was what fans wanted to see, but really, you had to kill Jessie too? I know that her death happens in the comic books, but many of us recognized actress Alexandra Breckenridge from her role in Season 1 of American Horror Story and hoped that she would turn into a love interest that would humanize Rick.


Seriously, we haven’t seen any intimate love scenes since Abraham got it on with his (ex?) girlfriend Rosita.

When does poor Rick get some lovin”? Or Daryl for that matter? While Greg Nicotero did promise us we’d see some deaths this season, so far all of our beloved characters are still living and breathing. But the question becomes, for how long? After all, the villain Negan who is set to appear this season is rumored to be even worse than The Governor…can you imagine?

After watching the premiere, my friends and I have debated over and over who is most obvious to bite the dust and who is never allowed to die EVER. Contribute your thoughts, if you will.

Likely To Die From Least Likely to Most Likely:

  1. Daryl- It is practically an internet phenomenon and there is probably a meme out there somewhere based on it: If Daryl dies, people will riot. It’s kind of ironic, Daryl’s character was made up specifically for the TV show, yet now he exists on the show, in the video games, and in the comics. He’s soft spoken, a survivor, and considers the group his post-apocalyptic built family. Still, what more can he contribute to the group besides continuing to help protect them? Perhaps the only contribution he has left is to die for them? Maybe he’ll face off with Negan?


2.     Glenn-  Let’s face it, this guy is luckier than a cat with nine lives. I love Glenn and I feel that in many ways, he is the glue that holds the group together. He represents the need to just keep going, even more so then Rick in my opinion. Even when faced with Nicholas taking his own life right in front of him, Glenn did not give up. Now would that change if Maggie died? And how many more times can he possibly get out of tight spots? Hmmm, something to consider.


3. Carol- Carol is again another character who exists to protect the group. We have seen her evolve so much over the past six seasons. She was originally a battered housewife and became a gun wielding, strategic planner who trained others to fight. Carol has been through a lot. She lost Sophia who she loved more than anything and then when she seemed hardened to the core, she was forced to deal with Lizzie. Carol seemed to have formed a reluctant bond with Sam, so I can’t help but wonder, will this be the breaking point for a woman who is continuously put in situations where she must witness innocent lives being lost? Perhaps she will put herself into a suicide mission fraught with zombie after zombie.


4. Rosita- Let’s face it, her character is completely expendable at this point. Yes, she has great clothes, which I’ve seen people wear at COMICON like events and has a Resident Evil like vibe, but where is the story line that draws us in? So far the only thing we know is that she teamed up with Abraham and they started forming a group a long time ago. If Rosita is going to make it, the viewers might need to see some meaningful flashbacks or some great character interactions right now.



Christian Serratos as Rosita Espinosa – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

5. Gabriel- I think this is definitely the character most likely to die. He had his “redemption” moment in the church when he told his followers that God was giving them the courage to fight back (and I would just like to point out that only moments before he promised Rick that he would protect baby Judith-doh!), but this is a character that just gets on people’s nerds. The only reason this person has survived is because he always hides and runs. This could be another story like Nicholas. We hope for redemption, we see it, but then we realize that this person just wasn’t meant to survive the zombie apocalypse.


gabriel from walking dead


There are more people that I could add to this list. For instance, all of the remaining Alexandrians. No doubt, with the coming of Negan, there is sure to be a blood bath on the horizon for the characters of The Walking Dead, so I’m curious to hear your theories on who you think will die next and why. Jump on the comments and present your arguments!

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