Geek News: Starz Releases a New Outlander Trailer & a Premiere Date

by Jennifer


The last episode of Outlander’s first season aired May 30, 2015, and Sassenachs have been waiting these many months for a premiere date for the second season, which we finally learned this week. Starz announced that the new season of Outlander, which will follow the events of the series’ second book Dragonfly in Amber, will premiere Saturday, April 9th. Along with the premiere date, Outlander fans were treated to a new full-length trailer which gives us glimpses of the events we shall see in this new season.

The images below and my discussion of what’s in the trailer may constitute spoilers for those who have not yet read Dragonfly in Amber or wish to wait for the new season to start to see what it will look like. If you wish to remain spoiler free, I recommend saving this post for another day.

The New Trailer’s Highlights

The trailer features such moments as Murtagh questioning Claire about her knowledge of what’s to come, the Frasers visiting Versailles, Claire’s return to the 20th century, the burning of the Comte St. Germain’s ship (presumably), a fight that breaks out at their chalet, our first glimpse of the Bonnie Prince Charlie, and the clans preparing to fight.


This shot might be Claire in l’Hopital des Anges after she miscarries their first child.


We even see Frank again, though he is rarely in the second book, as well as some hints at the battles of the Rising, probably Prestonpans.


Most telling is the scene of Claire in the hospital after returning from the 18th century. Frank greets her in obvious relief, but Claire does not look so sanguine about her return to the 20th century. Notice what looks like Jamie’s plaid laid across her on the bed.


Noticeably absent are scenes with Roger and Brianna. Both roles have been cast and both Richard Rankin and Sophie Skelton have been active on social media, even sharing photos of their own research at Wardlaw Mausoleum, where the Frasers of Lovat, the fictional Jamie Fraser’s family, are buried.

Skelton also shared this shot of herself and Rankin with the hashtag #RogerandBree on Valentine’s Day. It is so very lovely to see these two actors together as their roles in the show’s story will expand should the show be renewed for a third season.

Though we have a premiere date, it is likely that production is still ongoing with nearly eight weeks to go before the first episode airs. The wait for new Outlander episodes has an end date finally, but these eight weeks leave plenty of time for more and more new tidbits of information to come out as we await season two.

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