So Excited for Fuller House!!!

by T. Mack

I, for one, am so stinkin’ excited for Fuller House. It’s the sequel to the 90’s sitcom, Full House, and it’s coming to Netflix US & Canada later this month. Check out the latest, greatest trailer for the show right here.


Like most kids born in the early 80’s, the original Full House and other shows like it were a key part of my childhood. Now, it’s returning and almost the whole gang has come back together. They’re attempting to remake the magic of the sitcom that helped an entire generation understand what family looks like.


This time around, the children of the original show have kids of their own. DJ is now a widowed mother of three boys. She and her boys, Stephanie, Kimmie and Kimmie’s daughter all move back into the old family home. Suddenly, the house that was full over 20 years ago is even fuller. Check out the latest trailer for the new Netflix series and begin counting down with me to February 26.

Did you watch Full House growing up? Can you still sing the entire theme song on demand without hesitation? Are you pumped about the new series and will you watch? Take to the comments and tell me your Full House memories.

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