Geek News: It’s a Girl for Jamie & Claire – Finally!

by Jennifer


Rejoice, Sassenachs! #BreeWatch 2016 is over! 

With the end of filming for season two imminent, one crucial role remained uncast until this past Thursday. Finally, after a long search that had turned into #BreeWatch for many fans, Starz announced that producers had cast relative newcomer Sophie Skelton as Brianna Randall Fraser.


This second season, based on the second book of the Outlander series, Dragonfly in Amber, introduces Brianna, who learns that she is the daughter of Jamie Fraser rather than Frank Randall as she has grown up believing. Brianna’s official character description portrays her as “strong-minded and intelligent beyond her years (traits inherited from both her mother and father) [with] a distinctly scholastic mind-set and a healthy dose of Fraser stubbornness.” Skelton’s casting adds another very important long-term cast member as we look forward to hearing whether or not Outlander gets a third season.

Skelton is from Woodford, Cheshire, England and has appeared in several UK series, including Ren, Foyle’s War, Waterloo Road, and Casualty. She is a virtual unknown to Americans, which has been producer Ron D. Moore and company’s modus operandi to this point when casting these pivotal roles. Though Richard Rankin, who was cast as Roger Wakefield in December, had been on fans’ radars as a good choice for Roger for nearly a year, he has worked primarily in the UK, just like Skelton. Even though Sassenachs bandied about many more well-known actresses for the role of Brianna, the producers kept their candidates close to the vest, only releasing a casting description for the character. Skelton had been seen on set in recent days, but her actual role in this second season of Outlander was finally confirmed on Thursday.


A sampler of Skelton’s work is available on YouTube for fans to view. Starz also released an image of Skelton already with the red hair Brianna is known for. Fans who want to get to know our Brianna can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Outlander is set to return for its second season in April 2016, with the actual date still unknown.

Whew! I’m so glad we finally have a face for Bree! I’ve been on pins and needles for weeks…

What do you think of Starz’s choice for Brianna? Have you been satisfied with their casting choices thus far?



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