by Jennifer


This chocolate is so much better than assorted creams in a heart-shaped box.

Valentine’s Day is coming. I can hear the groans of dread on the lips of the menfolk from here, but, fear not, SG Jennifer is here to remedy your gift-giving woes. With Valentine’s Day still a couple of weeks away, you have plenty of time to start shopping and find something you think your geeky girl will like. Here are a few suggestions.  

Big Bang Theory Soft Kitty ‘Bouquet’  


Think Geek features several of these plush ‘bouquets’ from a number of fandoms. Each includes a plush toy attached to a ‘stem’ that is detachable. What a lovely way to show how much you dig her while not having to suffer through the inevitable decline that necessitates throwing out your money (literally).

Star Wars Leia & Han Hand Towels


Show your love with these matching hand towels, complete with embroidered silhouettes of Princess Leia and Han Solo and the classic exchange between the two in The Empire Strikes Back. Nothing says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ like honoring this loving conversation that ends with somebody encased in chocolate, er, carbonite. (BTW, Han Solo in Carbonite chocolate, natch.)

Claire’s Ring


You all know that I’m a diehard Sassenach. I’m also a girl. It’s not often I say this because I generally have all of the hardware I need, but I also like to get jewelry from my husband. If you have a Sassenach, you might want to think about giving her this ring, a replica of the wedding ring that Jamie Fraser gives Claire.

Or if she’s more of the clotheshorse, this next item is a nice choice.

“Sassenach” t-shirt


This grey t-shirt will allow your Sister Geek to proclaim her fandom to the world and look darn good doing it.

Louise Belcher’s Bunny Hat


Bob’s Burgers is one of the cartoons that seems to fly under most viewers’ radars, but, if you have a Belcher family fan in your life, this chapeau is a must.

Deathly Hallows Sterling Silver Pendant


Last not but not least, this pendant is the perfect something for the Gryffindor (or Slytherin or Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw) in your life.

And just in case you’ve done a really good job and a brand new somebody joins you because of it…

Stormageddon Onesie


Happy (early) Valentine’s Day, everyone!


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