The Kings of Our Sci-Fi Universe


Hello my fellow nerds. You may recall when I presented you with the Queens of Our Sci-Fi Universe. Well of course, the men cannot go unrecognized. Equal gender rights and all that… So, let us celebrate a few men that know how to kick the bad guys’ asses, fly spaceships, and make the ladies swoon all while simultaneously saving the world…

Jason 1

  1. Jason Momoa:

He was Conan in the Conan movie remake a few years ago. He played Ronan Dex on Stargate Atlantis and he was Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. Jason is also set to play Aquaman in the upcoming Justice League themed movies. Typically he plays confident characters with angry hearts who will stop at nothing to reach their goals. He is usually a good guy with a bad guy streak. The guys like him because he is the kind of guy you want on your team and girls like him because he looks like the bad boy you just don’t want to bring home to momma-ha, ha.

Bruce Willis 2

2. Bruce Willis:

Who could forget his performance as a man sent via time travel from a post-apocalyptic world to a past where it’s all about to go wrong in the movie 12 Monkeys? Or as the smart ass cab driver who falls in love with a woman who is the key to the salvation of the world in The Fifth Element. He also played a psychologist with a tragic story in The Sixth Sense and a self-sacrificing astronaut in Armageddon. True, he is synonymous with his role as John McClane in Die Hard, but I love Bruce Willis in science fiction roles. He has a knack for making the audience believe that when it just comes down to it, he has the world’s best interest at heart.

Chris Evans 3

3. Chris Evans:

Chris Evans has played both ends of the spectrum. He was the smooth talking human torch in Fantastic Four, a super hero who represented all of the goodness in mankind in Captain America, and even one of the seven evil ex boyfriends in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I don’t think his ride on the science fiction train will stop anytime soon (Snow Piercer, anyone?). Although Chris has also done action movies, with the booming of The Avengers franchise, sci-fi movies have seemingly become his bread and butter. I’d like to see him in some more serious evil roles, but only if he can fully commit himself to the dark side.

Vin Diesel 4

4. Vin Diesel:

He played an alien convict with eyes that could see sinister killing creatures in Black Pitch, the voice of a giant tree in Guardians of the Galaxy and an immortal Witch Hunter sent to stop the Black Plague. Although Vin Diesel’s main success has been through The Fast and the Furious franchise, he continues to swim through the love-hate relationship that is the sci-fi genre (meaning most people either love certain science fiction movies or hate them, there is typically not an in between). I have faith that since he did Riddick so well, he’s sure to find another memorable sci-fi role (besides Groot of course).


Arnold Schwarzenegger 5

 5. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

He was a cyborg sent from the future to kill John Conner in the movie Terminator, a military man forced to fight a creature that delighted in hunting down humans in Predator, and a construction worker/secret agent in Total Recall. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s strength has always been having the public want to see him in literally unbelievable situations. We know there aren’t any robots from the future sent to destroy us (yet?) but when Arnie has the guts to poke out his own eyeball, smash down a police station, and peel off his own skin to fix faulty wiring, we WANT to believe it.


And there you have it folks!

My five top picks for the Kings of the Sci-Fi Universe.

Do with them what you will. Discuss amongst yourselves. Is there anyone you think should have been on the list and why?


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