10 Reasons We Love… WARM BODIES (The Movie)

By Jen P

*Minor Spoilers*

1. It’s a friggin zombie romance!!

warm bodies- zombie romance

Before Isaac Marion, no one had really tried to write a zombie romance because… eww. But Marion said, “F*** you,” and made us a beautiful, often hilarious, love story about a zombie.

Skillz, y’all.

2. Shakespeare gone zombie

warm bodies- balcony

Warm Bodies nods at Romeo and Juliet without the downer ending.

3. R

warm-bodies- R

Warm Bodies is the movie that made zombies and Nicholas Hoult hot. I mean, he’s just so damn cute, I can’t even stand it!

4. Zombies

warm bodies- zombie kids

Love Zombieland, but hate The Walking Dead? Then this movie is for you! The zombies are terrifying, but the movie misses that evil human element that takes The Walking Dead into uncomfortable territory. No bloody carseats or kids killing kids (unless you count the already undead), and the zombie kids in this movie are actually nice, just a little creepy…

5. Marcus

warm bodies- marcus

Rob Cordry is friggin’ hilarious. This role takes his usually loud, obnoxious style of humor to its bare minimum, keeping most of his lines to grunts and whispers. But Cordry could easily be the best part of this movie! Cordry gives a much-needed humorous element to otherwise dark material.

6. The Bonies

warm bodies- bonies

Nah, I’m good, bruh.

Um… scary!!! When the zombies go too far zombie, they turn into something else, giving our zombie hero a terrifying villain.

7. The Brain Memories

Before this film, we never got a glimpse into a zombie’s head when it’s eating a brain. Why do they do it? What makes brains the thing they want most? Well, now we have an answer to that question! Not only are they delicious (*vomiting as I type this*), but they give you the memories of the person before they died. Now you can see this in the crime-fighting zombie TV show, iZombie (which I love, btw), but just remember, Warm Bodies did it first!

8. Dave Franco is Precious

warm bodies- perry

Young, heartbroken, and angry, Perry (Dave Franco) is Julie’s boyfriend until he attacks R and loses. He dies early in the movie, but through flashbacks and R’s dreams, we get to know much more about the character.

9. The Ladies are Even More Precious

warm bodies- ladies

Teresa Palmer plays Julie, and Analeigh Tipton plays her best friend, Nora. Aren’t both of them just gorgeous? Palmer has played a leading lady in such films as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and more recently, Point Break; whereas Tipton lends her talents to mostly secondary roles in films such as Crazy, Stupid, Love and Lucy. What kills me is that she’s just so damn pretty and quirky, this girl needs more opportunities to play a lead! I guess we’ll see what the years bring for this up and coming starlet.

10. The Music

You’re welcome.

Seriously, if you put M83’s “Midnight City” in a movie, I’m probably going to love it. It has to be in my top 5 sexiest songs of all time, and I doubt it will ever fall from the ranks. Aside from this epic jam in the “R gets a shower” scene, R himself has some very good taste in music, including the comedically perfect “Hungry Heart” by Bruce Springsteen. Julie finds the record in his lair (an airplane), where R keeps her in hopes of protecting her from other zombies. Sweet, right? This zombie gives most human boys a run for their money. Next time you don’t know what to do for your girl, just think to yourself, What would R do? You know, aside from eating another guy’s brains.

Final Note: Holy s***, y’all! The book has a sequel, and a prequel, and there will even be another one in 2017!!!! I gotta get to reading! Dammit, Amazon, just put it on my tab.

Buy Warm Bodies here, The New Hunger here, and preorder The Burning World ebook here.

What do you think? Hate the film? Huge fan? Did I miss anything awesome about it? Let me know in the comments.

Later, Geeks!

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