Book Review: Embrace

By Jen P


Your next potential binge read…

First in a series of five books by Jessica Shirvington, Embrace introduces us to Violet Eden on the eve of her 17th birthday. She’s introverted due to a violent event in her past, with only her father, her best friend, and Lincoln (her self-defense partner and love interest) allowed in her “circle”.

Soon though, things begin to change. She dreams of a man who says he is her, then awakes with a bloody scratch on her shoulder. Odd veins color her arms. What’s happening to Violet?

Determined to have a good time on her birthday and finally tell Lincoln how she feels,  Violet pushes all the oddities out of her mind. But soon she can’t fight them anymore. When Lincoln abandons her on the dance floor, Violet gladly dances with the strange, handsome boy who was eyeing her from across the room. When he touches her, sparks literally flare between them. Then Lincoln suddenly gets possessive, jumps between them, and sends her head reeling. Why the freakout? And does he actually like her that way? A stolen kiss outside proves that he does, but he apologizes and backs away with no explanation.

That sets you up to read Embrace without spoiling it.

What I liked:

I powered through Embrace like Thanksgiving dinner, hoovering it in its entirety over the course of a day. It was a fun, sexy read with likeable characters and an interesting mythology. I especially like to speculate over Violet’s and Lincoln’s origins. It will be fun to discover as the series progresses.

What I Disliked:

The love interests. She sets them both up as viable options, and though this is great for tension, it confuses the reader. I don’t know who to root for!

The father-daughter relationship. To me, it’s not that believable. She has totally free reign of the house to come and go as she pleases, yet she’s still a good little virginal girl. There’s reason for that of course, but she’s pretty balanced for a kid with very little parenting her whole life.

*Spoilers from here, down*

The reason she can’t be with Lincoln. There better be a damn good explanation in a later book, and a way around it too.

The setup for Phoenix. I hate how Shirvington treats this character, especially the sex. BRUTAL. I ached for the guy. Sometimes he appears to be maliciously evil, and other times he’s so relatable and broken. I don’t like not knowing where she’s going with this. But I’ll find out soon enough. All five books are out, and so help me I’ll know what’s what by the end of January.

Is it worth the read?

Let’s see. I wasted my chance to nap, watch tv, and cook dinner, then gave up even more precious sleep hours to finish it that night, so I’d say yeah. But clearly I have an addiction, so you may not want to take my word for it.

Things to consider:

It’s an easy, entertaining read.

The series is complete, so you won’t have to wait for answers.

The characters are sexy and there’s something for everyone’s taste.

No sparkling vampires.

Angels and Demons.


If that suits your fancy, then you may have found your next binge read. Enjoy!

What do you think? Have you read the series? Will you? Let us know in the comments.

Later, Geeks!

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