Geek Chic: A Whovian Kitchen

by Jen

I spend quite a bit of time in my kitchen and not just at the holidays. As a Whovian, I find it hard to resist a TARDIS anyway, but throw it on something for my kitchen and I’m ready to hand over my cash. The holidays might be over in a few days, but these kitchen items can be a great gift anytime you need a little something for yourself or your closest Whovian. 


Doctor Who Inspired Coffee Mugs


I couldn’t resist starting this list with a wee shout-out to Komai’s Oh My, one of my favorite Etsy stores. Kerry’s wares are always adorable and I enjoy perusing her geeky items both online and at her con booths. These mugs are a perfect way to start your day EXTERMINATING your to-do list!


Doctor Who Soup and Sandwich Set


I can think of nothing better on a cold winter day than to curl up with a good book and a cup of soup. A TARDIS bowl can help turn your mundane lunch into a trip across the galaxy. This would make a great addition to your Whovian kitchen!


Doctor Who TARDIS Cutting Board


Chop-chop! Perhaps cutting up some chicken on your TARDIS cutting board will transport it forward in time to a cooked state? In addition to being a lovely shade of TARDIS blue, this cutting board is also flexible enough to allow you to pour your meat and veggies into your cookpot.


Doctor Who TARDIS Apron


Encase you and your clothes in the safety of the blue box with this lovely apron. Perfect for the cook who enjoy Doctoring (ha ha!) all of the meals in your home. If I didn’t already have four aprons, I think I might need this one.

Nah, I’ll probably get it anyway. It is a TARDIS after all…


Doctor Who TARDIS Cookie Jar


I would like to think this cookie jar would be bigger on the inside, but the folks at Think Geek wisely warned us ahead of time that it is not. Despite that, seal your goodies inside the safety of the TARDIS and hope that the Doctor will whisk them away whenever the wrong hand comes a-knocking.


Doctor Who Salt & Pepper Shakers


Last, but not least, let the TARDIS and Dalek duke it out on your kitchen table while you eat. These cute salt and pepper shakers are just one more accessory that can help you turn your kitchen into an interstellar battleground for adventure and fun, regardless of who your favorite Doctor might be.


Happy Cooking, Whovians!

What do you think of this collection? Do you see anything you’re ready to scoop up right now?

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