10 Reasons We Love…THE LAST MAN ON EARTH

by Ana


The Last Man on Earth is a comedic show that centers around the idea that the world has been wiped out by a virus. The main character, Phil Miller (played by SNL alum Will Forte), initially thinks he might be the last survivor, but eventually discovers and brings together a small group of people who build their own community. Let’s get to it!

1. Will Forte.

This guy is just hilarious without trying to be and his character only gives him more opportunities to bring comedy to the table. For instance, he talks to beach balls, tennis balls, baseballs when he needs advice instead of relying on his other human companions. Phil is so desperate for someone to tell him that his ideas aren’t bad that inanimate objects are his “go-to” guys.

2. Kristen Schaal who plays Carol Pilbasian.

Not only does Carol bedazzle everything she can think of, but her meal of choice is what she lovingly refers to as “raisin balls”. Oh yes, it tastes about as good as it sounds. Although the other characters become annoyed with Phil, Carol has a soft spot in her heart for him and believes he can be a good guy if he tries.



3. The punishments they inflict on Phil when he is bad.

At one point they put in him in an old fashioned set of stocks. He becomes thirsty, so one of them brings him a cup of water and puts it in his hand. He is forced to throw it in his own face so that he can drink it. Another time, they decide to put a perimeter-bark shot collar on him. Phil finds himself in a situation where he has to break the perimeter and loud screaming and whimpering ensues.

4. The CPR dummy.

Gail (played by Mary Steenburgen) inappropriately bonds with a CPR dummy.



5. The crickets.

The crew realize that soon they’ll run out of meat, so Carol decides to start cooking crickets as a substitute. She cooks them a meal, puts some crickets in her mouth and exclaims “Oh wait this one isn’t dead (crunch) well he is now.”

6. Apparently there are TWO Phil Millers left on the planet.

The second Phil Miller (played by Boris Kodjoe) is strong, handsome, and knows anything and everything there is to know about technologically rebuilding a society. It doesn’t take long for the group to look at him as their savior and for original Phil Miller (who the group renames Tandy since they can’t have TWO Phil Millers) to begin to hate him.



7. Margarita blow up pools and toilet pools.

Although the rest of the group tries their best not to contaminate what is left of the world, Phil’s motto is go big or go home. In the first season, we learn that Phil (Tandy) has been using their backyard swimming pool to defecate in. He sits on the diving board with magazines. When he’s feeling bored and feisty, he’ll fill up blow up pools with margaritas and sit in it with a bunch of straws.

8. Special Appearance by Will Ferrell.

Although Will Ferrell only guest stars in one episode, it’s a hilarious episode. Carol and Phil leave the group, but decide that they want to reunite. Carol has the idea to surprise the group by jumping out from behind a sand dune. Unfortunately, the plan has some dire consequences since Will Ferrell’s character has a serious heart condition.



9. National treasures used as everyday house decorations.

In the first episode, Phil decides to use a giant tyrannosaurus rex skull from the Smithsonian as a center piece for his dining room table.

10. Will Phil Miller be reunited with his brother?

Phil doesn’t know it, but his long lost brother Mike Miller played by Jason Sudeikis is trapped on a space ship (he’s an astronaut) and is desperately trying to contact people down on earth. Will he figure out a way to contact them?

If you’re curious about the show, here is a clip to give a look. You can catch up with episodes on Fox On Demand.



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