Movie Review: PARALLELS

by Ana

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The science-fiction movie Parallels, which can be found on Netflix, and was directed by Christopher Leone and Laura Harkcom, wasn’t originally intended to be a movie.  It was actually conceived as a pilot for a T.V. series, so before I say anything else about it, just keep in mind that the ending isn’t wrapped up in a neat little bow for you. Parallels poster

Parallels stars Mark Hapka, Jessica Rothe, Eric Jungmann, and Constance Wu.  The basic premise is that brother and sister Ronan (Mark Hapka) and Beatrix (Jessic Rothe) have discovered that their father is missing.  They know he would not disappear without a reason, so they desperately go out to find him.  What they discover is that he is involved with a building that somehow has the ability to travel between parallel earths.  Some of the earths are similar and some are completely different.


I enjoyed this movie because it reminded me of the T.V. series from my youth called Sliders which starred Jerry O’Connell.  This movie, of course, is less dated simply because special effects have come a long way since the 1990’s.  In fact, I’m so attached to the characters in the movie Parallels, that I hope either Syfy would consider picking it up as a T.V. series or that they would at least make a sequel to the movie.  It’s funny because usually I’ll describe a movie as either “fun” or one that takes itself seriously, but I’m just not sure how to classify this one.  It is no doubt a fun movie, but I didn’t think it was cheesy.  I could tell the actors had a little bit of a hard time finding their groove with one another initially, but after awhile, everything seemed to fall into place.  It wasn’t really an awkward “pilot” episode.

Parallels pic 1

I’d like to talk a little bit about the characters themselves.  Ronan is a tough guy who feels guilty about his mother’s death (you find out why later on).  His character really did remind me a lot of Quinn (played by Jerry O’Connell) in Sliders.  Beatrix is a girl who just got accepted to college (Princeton) so of course we assume she’s super smart.  So far she hasn’t exhibited any geeky tendencies, but you know it’s coming if they mention Princeton specifically.  Harold (played by Eric Jungmann) does play a little bit of a cliche’ character-he’s a good guy, a public defender lawyer, who is madly in love with Beatrix.  I will say this though, I have seen Eric Jungmann in another role here or there, and I think if given the chance, he will break Harold out of that mold and make him into a transformed character.  The character of Polly (played by Constance Wu) is definitely meant to be the wild card in this situation.  I could see her being a fan favorite.  She is strong, independent, and never looks worried about anything.  She is so relaxed, that in many scenes she actually drapes herself over furniture.  Polly helps the group navigate the other worlds.  She reveals that she has been in the building for a long time, but we have yet to know how she ended up there or why she stays.  We get the impression that she comes from a tough world, and as a result, I fully expect that Constance Wu would present us with some bad ass fight moves if given the chance.

Parallels pic 3

Will you like this movie?  If you’re into science-fiction adventures, mystery, and the characters presented themselves.  Then yes, I think you will enjoy it.  I think the good mark of a movie is if you feel the desire to finish watching it in the same day.  I didn’t want to wait until tomorrow to finish it, so I watched it in one sitting.  Why wouldn’t you like this movie? Well, you probably won’t be familiar with the actors, so if you’re looking for big names, then this isn’t the movie for you.  If you want closure, this isn’t the movie for you either.  However, if you want to reminisce about shows like this in the past, it will bring a smile to your face and you’ll be like me where you really, really hope there is some kind of sequel or t.v. show!

Curious about the movie?  Here is a trailer for you to enjoy!  Remember, you can stream the movie on Netflix.

Never heard of the T.V. show Sliders?  Well, here is an old trailer for you to check out.  I think the show is also available to stream on Netflix.

Did you watch Parallels?  Do you agree that another movie or T.V. show needs to happen?  Vent about it here!


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: PARALLELS

  1. This movie is a rip-off not only of Sliders. Watch the 2004 Australian TV series Parallax – it is way better than Sliders or Parallels. I don’t care if it’s a kids show, it’s still way better than a bullshit story about bland characters with little to no pleasant traits wrapped up in the same American crap you see in everything else that was Parallels. I’m convinced they even stole all sorts of plot points from Parallax: main character’s parents having a secret that the main character finds out about. Main character not existing in other worlds. Main character entering their own room to discover it all different. Main character losing one of their’ parents. One of the worlds being more technologically advanced than most. The “goofy” side character ruining their parallel self’s life due to conflicting morals. Doppelgangers conspiring together to achieve selfish goals. A parent trying to protect their children from the secret of the parallel worlds. The concept of worlds being destroyed. The concept of the Reading Room/Core World. Parallax is only better because there’s no time limit and you can explore the culture of each world for as long as you like. It also does not succumb to all the American political fears and stereotypes in Parallels and doesn’t suffer from the same cheesiness of Sliders. All 26 episodes are available on YouTube to watch since it was made in 2004.


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