by T. Mack

doc in a box

I came across the Doc In A Box t-shirt image earlier this week and it has been making me happy ever since. This exquisitely crude piece of pop culture imagery perfectly blends Doctor Who with Lonely Island into one hilarious and seasonally appropriate image. If anyone was looking for something to get me this Christmas, this t-shirt is another very strong contender. 

You can find the shirt at At $26.00 (ladies size XL, thank you), it’s a bit pricey but really, isn’t the smile on my face worth it in the end? 😉

d in a box

If you don’t quite understand why this image is so hilarious, you need to watch the original music video featuring Adam Sandburg and Justin Timberlake. Be warned: it is hilarious and crude. Best consider it NSFW and wait to view it when you are free to LOL heartily.

If you’re like me and love the video, make sure you watch the follow-up videos, which pick up where this one leaves off. View the second in the series here and the third right here.

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