2015 Movie Trailer Mash-up

By: Dani

I happen to love year-end review type of stuff. I love to look back over the year and reminisce about what happened during the year and how I have changed. But I also love to just look back at all of the fun stuff that took place! So I was pretty excited when I came across this video that Sleepy Skunk, a Youtuber, put together. It is a mash-up of every major movie released in 2015. And it is really well done. Sleepy Skunk definitely put some time into this. (BTW, this is an annual thing he/she does!) I saw several that I have seen and many more that I never got a chance to watch. And now I am even more pumped for all of the great releases coming in 2016!!

If you want a list of each movie included in this trailer, click here to visit Sleepy Skunk’s Tumblr page to see the list.

How many movies included in this mash-up were you able to see? Any still on your list?

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