by Ana

Star Trek 1

We’ve all heard the old Christmas carols about Christmas stockings being hung by the chimney.  It’s just about instinctual to take your stockings and expect Santa to leave you some goodies in them (assuming you haven’t been a spoiled brat this year!)

Well, now you get to add one more memorable moment to this yearly tradition.  You get to add crew members from Star Trek: The Next Generation as Christmas characters to the mix!  I know, super cute, right?  This particular design is a bit pricey, starting at $80, but if that cash is a burning a hole in your pocket and you’re imagining sleigh bells on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise, then this is probably the gift for you!

The Etsy Shop called Heartfelt Stockings caters to us geek guys and girls with stockings that make us squeeeee as we remember our favorite science fiction characters.  The shop also has some cute alternate designs as well-such as a Santa who barbecues and a mermaid decorating her Christmas tree under water.

Click the photo above or any of the links to head over to the shop.



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