by Ana


Unfortunately, I don’t have Starz on my cable service, so when someone asked if I wanted to binge watch the show with them at their house, I couldn’t say “Hell yes, I want to!!!” loud enough. I’m happy to report that as a person who has watched all of the Evil Dead movies, I could see that the T.V. show remains faithful to its fans. If you haven’t seen the movies, I strongly recommend you watch them prior to watching the T.V. series. Not just because they’re great movies, but also because they help to contribute to the backstory of the show.

pic 2

For those who aren’t familiar with the movies, let me tell you a little bit about them. Basically, Ash Williams is a guy who along with his group of friends, releases evil out from a cabin in the woods. Sounds simple right? In a way, it is, but the plot becomes so much more. (SPOILER ALERT) Asthe movies progress, Ash develops into a badass who cuts demons with a chain saw for an arm. Another great thing about the movies is that each one takes place directly after the other. The feel of these movies is lots of gore, lots of scenes where things “jump out” at you, and some good old fashioned humor infused. The Evil Dead series is not for people who are serious. If you’re willing to chuckle while seeing a “deadite’s” head being ripped off their body, then alright, you can give me a high five.

Ash Vs Evil Dead Movie Poster

What can I tell you about the T.V. show? Well, I don’t want to spoil too much since not too many episodes have been released yet, but I was so excited to watch each one, that I was practically jumping up and down. I swear to God I was physically glowing. I am thoroughly convinced that Bruce Campbell (who plays Ash Williams) and Sam Raimi director/producer/writer of the Evil Dead series, re-studied the movies before beginning the show. They did not miss a beat. Bruce Campbell still succeeds at playing a smart-ass, confident, and slightly cowardly Ash who when it comes down to it, strives to protect the human race from evil. What’s great about the show is that some time has passed-to be exact, thirty years. (There is a funny scene where Ash squeezes into a girdle before going into a bar to hit on a young lady). We find that Ash is still at the same exact job (he’s a stock boy) and that he has been hiding from his responsibilities this whole time. After a drunken night with a one night stand, Ash unwittingly releases the evil once again.

Pic 1

Another thing that I really liked about the show is that Ash is no longer on his own. He gains two friends who decide to help him in his quest. The female character, Kelly Maxwell (Dana DeLorenzo) is a girl who thinks she has seen it all, but quickly realizes that there is a big, bad, un-explainable world out there just dying to bring itself to the surface. The male character, Pablo Bolivar (played by Ray Santiago), sees Ash as a role model (big mistake) and crushes hard on Kelly (but is obviously stuck in the friend zone). Another character that pops up that I know nerdy fans like me will love is Lucy Lawless who plays Ruby Knowby. Who doesn’t love Lucy Lawless??? I mean, she played Xena on T.V.??? Hello??? If Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless aren’t reason enough to watch this show, well then I give up, you’re a crazy person and I can’t reason with you.


Who do I think will enjoy watching this show? I think fans of Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood, and Salem will probably like this show. If you have an offbeat sense of humor, don’t mind too much blood, and like action, then you will really enjoy this show.

Just in case you’re curious, I’ve attached some trailers for your viewing pleasure. The first three are from the movies and the fourth is for the t.v. show. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do!



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