This Week’s New Movie Trailers

by T. Mack


It’s true that many movie trailers these days show us more than we care to see before watching the actual film. However, I still love to watch them. This week, there were a few new trailers that are totally worth discussing. I already shared my thoughts and feelings on Wednesday regarding the first teaser for Now You See Me 2. Here are a few thoughts on 4 more trailers that hit the net this week. And of course, I have each trailer right her for you to see. 


This looks so stinkin’ fabulous! All the wonderful potential of Snow White and the Huntsman without the weak link of Kristen Stewart. More beautifully evil Charlize Theron, more deliciously hunky Chris Hemsworth, plus Emily Blunt, whom I love and Jessica Chastain, who looks to be a much better version of whatever Stewart was supposed to be in the last movie. I’m definitely in for this film! Who’s with me?


I did not watch the original Zoolander movie. I will not watch this second one. It’s simply not my cup of tea. I didn’t even manage to get all the way through this trailer. But I do know some people who actually liked the first film. I guess they might be excited to see these characters return. If you’re one of them, I’m happy for you.


Once upon a time, in a land called Egypt, Pharoes and gods ruled and every single person and deity was white! But only inside Hollywood movies, because whitewashing is still the status quo. Seriously?! What the frack is up with this trailer?! I don’t think they even bothered to put any black people in the background. Are you kidding me with this? Please, please and please get your sh– together, Hollywood. PLEASE!


My friends often laugh at me when I say this, but I’m going to say it anyway: I can’t even! Seriously, I can’t even with this trailer. It’s beyond ridiculous! But it’s totally supposed to be! I didn’t read or watch the franchise this movie parodies. And I likewise won’t be watching this one. But I do think it’s kind of funny that someone made a major motion picture that seems to serve no purpose other than to make fun of that one other film. Ha!


This trailer isn’t even for a film. It’s for a new show coming to NBC in the coming weeks. It stars America Ferrara and a host of other actors who seem hilarious. Of all the previews that caught my eye this week, this is the one that makes me most excited and this is the one title that’s most certain to get my undivided attention for at least 90 minutes.

What recent trailers have you seen that have you the most excited? Do you think you’ll be checking out any of the titles listed here? Let me know in the comments.

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