My Emotional Journey with the NYSM2 Teaser Trailer

by T. Mack


I was one of  the people who liked 2013’s Now You See Me.  Yes, the twist made everything nearly impossible because “how could this person have possibly known that person would do this thing and exactly that time and so forth and so on.” But I loved it anyway. I thought it was a fun and exciting story that was well-acted and kind of magical, even though all the magic is explained in the end. I also greatly enjoyed the cast’s chemistry, though the final romantic push felt a bit forced. The movie’s end left a garage-sized door open for a sequel to barrel through. Though I liked the film, I mostly hoped another movie wouldn’t happen. I didn’t have confidence that it could become a quality franchise. However, the sequel was greenlit. I sat back and completely ignored all developments regarding the project while I waited for the next film to arrive.

Today, the first teaser has hit the net and I am simultaneously disappointed by what I see and totally committed to seeing it when it hits theaters. Here’s why… NYSM freeman

The trailer lasts 59 seconds. The whole thing starts with a Morgan Freeman voice-over. This makes me almost angry. Because I know what the movie-trailer-maker is trying to do. He’s manipulating me. He wants me to hear MF’s voice and for my brain to trigger that amazing feeling I always get at the end of Shawshank Redemption. It’s not going to work, movie trailer guy! Not this time!

Shawshank freeman

Following this there are familiar faces and a lot of flash and distraction, but nothing of substance. I get that it’s a teaser, but somehow, I feel like an influx of deeper meaning and character development won’t suddenly show up for the full-length trailer… or the full-length movie for that matter. Nearly halfway through the minute-long video, I see a woman who is NOT Isla Fisher and I think, that better be a completely different character and not a recast. Twelve seconds later, my fears are confirmed. It’s TOTALLY a recast. DAMMIT!

So by the time the title hits the screen at the 48-second mark, I know I’m not interested in seeing this movie. I may catch it on Netflix 8 months after it hits DVD, but I’m in no hurry to scurry to a theater (even a $1.50 theater) to see it.

Then I hear another voice and the 50-second mark brings a twisted surprise that simultaneously thrills and enrages me. It thrills me because of the face I see. It enrages me because now, I HAVE TO SEE THIS STUPID MOVIE! And I’m feeling like…

mad michelle.png

I do realize this might not actually be a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to the development of this film, but remember that I haven’t been. So I’m taken aback and reeling right now. And I’m more than a little pissed off knowing I’m gonna sit through what I’m convinced will be a pure crap-show of a movie just because of my devotion to a COMPLETELY UNRELATED FRANCHISE!


I’ve placed the trailer right here for you. Check it out and tell me your thoughts. Do you think it looks like a great movie? Did you see the first film? Did you like it? Is the twisted treat at the end of this trailer enough to send you to the theater? Let me know in the comments.

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