Geek Chic: Happy Christmas, Whovians & Sassenachs!

 by Jennifer

The inspiration for this little list came from the appearance of this in my Facebook feed:


If I didn’t already have Christmas stockings with all of our names on them, these would have been mine. (That and the disapproving look my husband gave me when I broached the idea to him. Bah humbug.)

All right, the stockings are out. Perhaps I can have a couple of baubles for my tree then?



Those would look so good on my tree (and yours)! That reminds me, though: getting a tree is a chilly business, even in the South. I’ll need to bundle up and Sassenachs know that the Outlander crowd has the hookup in terms of winter fashion:




Wait, where are my cute shoes? It’s time to go and see Santa!


Last, but not least. I need to tell Santa what I would like for Christmas:

funkotardisClick on each photo for a link to the Etsy shops where you can find most of these items. Because most Etsy items are handmade, do take care to order your items early enough to have them by the holidays.

Do you have a Whovian or a Sassenach you need to shop for this year? What items can you add to this list? What items will you add to your list?

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