CONVERSATIONS: “Mermaids” from ‘Lost Girl’

by Ana


Kenzi: [about to climb into a vent]
If this goes Aliens I am Sigourney Weavering out of there.

Lauren: What is it Dyson? A flesh-eater?
Kenzi: Sharknado?!
Dyson: Worse. Mermaids.

Kenzi: Oh my God mermaids! I love mermaids! But like love them.
Dyson: They are the psychopaths of the sea Kenz. “The seas have eyes” is their cultural motto.
Kenzi: I have lied awake at night my entire life thinking of the marvelous merday when I would meet a fin-flapping, seashell-bra wearing Daryl Hannah. Oh my God!
Lauren: They are a rare and fascinating species.
Kenzi: Yeah. They comb their hair with forks!
Dyson: Yeah. Right after they stab you in the face with them. Just before they blow up your ship that’s on route to the new world.
Kenzi: Yeah, but then they sing to us with crabs.
Dyson: No they don’t Kenzi.

~From Lost Girl, Season 4 Episode 10, Waves


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