Book Review… MILA 2.0: RENEGADE

By Jen P

Mila 2_0 Renegade by Debra Driza

Before you read this review, you should check out my review for Mila 2.0 here, and then read Mila 2.0! This review of Renegade contains spoilers for the first book. You’ve been warned!

Second in Debra Driza’s action-packed android series, Renegade picks up right where Mila 2.0 left off. Mila’s with Hunter, her quasi-boyfriend from the small town she’d lived her lie of a life in. Yeah, it’s complicated. He’s driven across the country to be with her, just because she called, but she’s afraid to tell him what she is (a teenage super-spy android on the run from government and anti-government agencies, in case you didn’t guess), because she thinks he’ll leave her. Instead, she lets the bad parts of her life catch up to them before she says a single word about her truth. And even then, it’s only by the teeniest shred at a time. They crash the car at one point, a house burns down, and then she finds a tracking device on his car and begins to question if she should trust Hunter at all. All of this on the quest to find Richard Grady, who Mila’s mom told her to find in her dying breaths. Plus, who is Sarah? Mila’s Mom’s last words were, “You always were so brave, Sarah. So brave.” and Mila still doesn’t understand what any of it means. Read this book, get a few answers, and bite your nails waiting for the finale to drop in Winter/Spring 2016. UGH!!!

What I loved: The action moves along at a great pace, although I hated the Hunter/Mila road trip because it seemed so ridiculous after all that transpired in the first one, but I get that Mila needed a respite from the horrors of losing her mom and the terrible tests General Holland put her through. I love that we get some answers and find out what made Mila who she is. And Quinn is an especially sinister villain, maybe more so than Holland, but we’ll have to read the third book to be sure!

What I hated: This book feels like filler to me. I kept waiting for the story to go back to General Holland- the big baddie, but he’s hardly mentioned in Renegade at all. I hate that there’s so little Lucas!!! Thank God for him though! He’s the best/most-complex character at this point. I can’t spoiler you, but he does make an appearance, and I hope Debra Driza writes him as the primary romantic interest for Mila, because Hunter is such a waste of space! Pretty, but useless.

In summary: A great, easy read, but only if you’ve read the first. These are not stand-alone novels. Though action-packed, Renegade drags a bit because there’s so much emotion and truth withholding on Mila’s part. My suggestion would be to wait and read it right before the finale drops or after you have it in hand. I hate waiting to know what will happen!

What do you think? Have you read any of this series? Let us know in the comments.

Later, Geeks!

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