By: Dani


By now, most of you know that Finding Nemo is finally getting the sequel it so rightfully deserves. Thanks in large part to Ellen DeGeneres and her never-ending campaign to bring our favorite fishies back to the big-screen. The sequel, Finding Dory, will hit theaters on June 17, 2016, 13 years after the original was released. Lucky 13, maybe?? The movie will focus on Dory this time around (Ellen definitely got her wish!) and her search for her family that she sorta-kinda remembers. Although it has been 13 years in real time, the movie will pick up only 6 months after the original left off. I don’t know the average lifespan of clown fish or whatever kind of fish Dory is, but I think that makes sense.

Personally, I am pretty happy that Dory is the focus of this film because she was my favorite in Finding Nemo with her quirky personality and great one-liners. We will also get to meet several new characters along the way on Dory’s journey, which I am pretty interested to see because Pixar is always great about creating entertaining characters. No worries about the cutest little clownfish, though, because both Marlin and Nemo are also along for the ride. And the great part is that the actors lending their voices to Dory and Marlin (Ellen DeGeneres-Duh- and Albert Brooks) are both back for the sequel. Another familiar name is director, Andrew Stanton, for which I am also thankful because it’s more likely that the sequel will stay true to the original.  Some new names include Ed O’Neill, Ty Burrell, Kaitlin Olsen, Diane Keaton (!!!), and Eugene Levy. It’s a bit of an odd assortment of voices, but it does sound entertaining!

I am pretty excited to not only see this movie but to be able to take my daughter to it so she can experience the wonder of seeing a big movie like this in the theater for the first time. I mean, don’t we all love to experience a film for the first time on the big-screen?? I am also glad that she will be with me because it means I won’t have to be the creeper in the kid’s movie with no kid. Jus’ sayin’. So check out the first trailer and poster released and see if you think Finding Dory will live up to the hype of Finding Nemo. I gotta say that I am pretty optimistic!

So are you excited for the sequel, Finding Dory? Will you take your kids to see it? Do you think Dory was the right character choice to lead the film? Let me know in the comments!


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