6 Months of Geeky Sisterhood…

…And this is only the beginning!


Sister Geeks began as less than a concept. It was simply a term of endearment used to describe a few geeky girlfriends. Then there was an idea… a website, a blog, that would be a joint effort between several Sister Geeks to document and celebrate the collective geekiness. The idea sat for a long while without any footing, then a conversation between T. Mack, Jen P and Dani got serious (well, not actually serious, but seriously exuberant). Soon after, on Star Wars Day 2015, SisterGeeks.net was born and officially launched.


sg1Since then, the team has grown, our reach has expanded to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, we’ve made some great friends and blogging buddies, won a few awards and had a blast geeking out together. Today is the six month anniversary of the start of our awesome journey. This is only the beginning and we have no intention of slowing down.

Liebster2dragons loyalty award sunshine-award Thank you to all those who have come along for the ride with us. We appreciate your presence and hope to spend many more wonderfully geeky months and years with you.

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