Book Review… MILA 2.0

By Jen P


From the back cover:

“One part teen love story and two parts super-spy thriller, MILA 2.0 raises plenty of questions of humanity, warfare, and artificial intelligence, but it’s the James Bond-esque suspense and formidable heroine that kept me enthralled to the last page.”

-MARISSA MEYER, New York Times bestselling author of Cinder

What a surprise! I picked up MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza on a whim, not expecting it to become one of my new favorites. But it’s filled to the brim with things I love- androids, a cute hipster boy, a sexy scientist, and evil government plots. From start to finish, MILA delivers fast-paced action and paranoia, with enough stolen glances to keep the romantics among us satisfied.

Mila is a teenage girl who lives on a quiet farm with her mom. Following the traumatic death of her father in a fire, she’s forgotten most of her past. Her mother is cold and overprotective, leaving Mila desperate for every touch or kind word. And it isn’t long before Mila starts ignoring her mother’s warnings and taking risks.

But that’s how she discovers the lie.

When Mila is slung from the back of an open truck bed, she hits her arm… hard. In fact, she should be dead. Instead, her skin rips open, revealing wires and tubing. The shock is enough to turn her only friend against her, but the boy she likes, Hunter, is surprisingly cool with it. Mila’s mom isn’t. She rushes Mila to a futuristic toolbox, and fixes her arm like new, thrusting a set of earbuds into her hands and pressing play on the most devastating news Mila has ever received: she’s not human, and she’s stolen government property.

Soon, Mila and her “mom” are running from dangerous men who want to take Mila, and the action just… keeps… building.


Everything about it! Mila is relatable as an awkward teen with cliquey small-town friends. I experienced her pain at the loss of her father, her budding feelings for Hunter, and the hurt at the betrayal of both her friends and her mother. My emotions were all over the place. The fear and the tension grew at a great pace, and the paranoia felt real. No one can be trusted. (Except hopefully, Lucas, the adorable scientist introduced in the final chapters. Screw first love! Lucas is the one, Mila!!!)


At times, the action wore me down. I was ready for a break. But otherwise, I can’t complain.

In Review:

What a fun read. I had trouble putting it down, stayed up way too late, and pained my already overworked eyes. But I’d do it again. And I’m about to! There’s a prequel, a sequel, and soon to be a trilogy. The finale releases in 2016. Thank God. Because I’m dying to know what happens. (Pick Lucas, dammit!!!)


Here’s a book trailer that doesn’t do MILA justice. (But it’s official, so what do I know?)

Patiently awaiting the final installment? Team Lucas or Team Hunter? Don’t know, don’t care? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Later, Geeks!

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