Happy Halloween!

by T. Mack


There are new interpretations of Disney Princesses hitting the web everyday. And while not all of them are gems, many are pretty cool. These fall into the latter category. For Halloween, artist Brandon Vernon dressed up a few of our favorite princesses as some of our favorite  people from pop culture, like Ariel as Harley Quinn, which I LOVE! Check out more photos below.


Belle is Agent Peggy Carter. A great choice!


Merida is Katniss Everdeen. Of course!


Tiana is Cookie Lyon. Inspired!


Elsa is The Countess. Mind = Blown!


Pocahontas as Rhonda Rousey. Awesome!

See more Disney princesses in their costumes at http://www.mtv.com/news/2360943/disney-princess-pop-culture-halloween-costumes/?xrs=_s.fb_hg.

Do you dress up for Halloween? Why or why not? What or who are you today? Tell us about it or better yet, share a photo with us. Happy Halloween, geeks!

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